Ex flight attendant says working in first class ‘isn’t popular’ among crew

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A former flight attendant has spilled the beans about working in first-class and it turns out it's not as glamorous as you might think.

In a TikTok video, Kat Kamalani says there are perks to working in the luxury part of the plane such as a higher wage – but claims nobody wants to do it.

And while some airlines make staff complete extra training to make them first-class ready, others don't require it.

Kat, who previously joked this passenger habit should get them banned, says: "In the airline that I worked for everyone was qualified to be a flight attendant in first class.

"That means if you're flying domestic, or in the US, you can be a first-class flight attendant and you actually bid for that position."

Kat says the most junior flight attendant is often assigned to the role because it was not popular.

"Let me tell you, most flight attendants do not like that position," she says.

Kat continues: "If you are flying international then you do have to go through special training and qualifications and you have to get picked.

"And a big perk is you get paid more money while working and more money while sleeping.

"No matter what position you are working you have to know English."

The video was watched more than 60,000 times since Kat posted it on her social media on Sunday (January 9) and lots of viewers wondered why flight attendants wouldn't choose to work first-class.

One person said: "Tell me, was my flight attendant mad at me every time I rang the call button for more drinks in the middle of sleep time?"

A second person commented: "US airlines' first class is awful. In airlines like Qantas, Singapore, and Emirates you need special first-class training and experience."

"Why don't people want to work first class?" asked another curious viewer.

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