Couple who miss wedding due to flight cancellation are married on plane instead

Passengers on a flight in the United States were given an unexpected show when a couple got married on the plane.

Tourists travelling from Texas to Las Vegas on April 24 became involved in an impromptu wedding ceremony in the air, reports Tyla.

Couple Pam Patterson and Jeremy Sala were married aboard Southwest Flight 2690.

The duo’s earlier American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport had been cancelled due to bad weather.

This meant that Pam and Jeremy would miss their chapel appointment in Nevada’s Sin City.

Seeing the couple dressed in their wedding clothes at the airport – and seeming to get more anxious with each minute – fellow passenger Chris came up with a solution.

It turned out that Chris was an ordained minister and so he offered to marry the pair himself when they got to their destination.

The trio headed to the Southwest site and bought the last three seats on the almost full flight to Las Vegas.

Upon boarding the plane, the pilot, Captain Gil, noticed Pam’s wedding dress and said that they could get married there and then on the flight.

The airline crew decorated the cabin with toilet paper streamers and cave the minister a sash made of snacks.

Plus, one of the flight attendants acted as Pam’s maid of honour.

A photographer on board the flight took some wedding snaps of the happy couple while another passenger handed round a notebook for all the “guests” to sign with well wishes.

On the official Facebook page, Southwest Airlines wrote: “Congrats to the newlyweds on a memorable inflight wedding neither our Employees nor Passengers are likely to forget!

“We can't wait to welcome you back aboard the love airline. #SouthwestHeart.”

Frequent fliers took to the comments to wish the couple the best.

One person said: “Only on Southwest would something this cool happen! Love you guys! Congrats to the couple!”

Another added: “Congratulations! She looks beautiful and he has great hair. A LUV match made in the heavens… literally.”

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