Ex-flight attendant gives tips on avoiding embarrassment when putting carry-ons

A former air hostess has shared her advice to holidaymakers on how to avoid feeling embarrassed while putting the hand luggage in the overhead cabin.

Kat Kamalani, who has gained popularity on social media by sharing secrets of being part of the flight crew, said she has three "life-changing" tips to help viewers to overcome the in-flight anxiety.

Responding to one TikToker's video who said: "Someone please tell me why putting your carry-on in the overhead bins is so humiliating?"

She shared her six years of experience in a clip: "The first rule of thumb I'm gonna say is 'if you can't life, you don't bring it'.

"So try it at home first to see if you can lift it above your head. If you can't, take some stuff out.

"Second tip, most airlines have these little placards that will show you how you are going to store your luggage so it's either go horizontal or vertical.

"If you can just take a look at that, it saves so much time and it's so much easier."

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One most common rumour that we heard is probably that it's the "flight attendant's job to lift your luggage into the overhead bins", but Kat clarified that it's not true.

"Actually our airlines and a ton of other airlines will tell you (flight attendants) 'do not do this' because there are so many injuries with it," she explained.

"If we get injured, it's not even covered [in insurance policy]."

But there's a way that passengers can do if they need a lift.

"So just ask the flight attendant to 'assist' you and they will totally help you put it up there," Kat said.

Some fellow air hostesses agreed with Kat and mentioned that they would help if the passengers asked for assistance.

"We will assist but we will not put it up without your help. If you aren't doing most of the work, we will check the bag," one wrote.

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