Why You Should Leave Your Holiday Decorations Up Until Jan. 19 — Just Like Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Not quite ready to take down your holiday decorations just yet? That's totally okay, according to Dolly Parton. 

In the midst of the 2020 holiday season, Parton was a guest on the Cody Cast with Cody Alan podcast. In her interview, the iconic country songstress shared that she's never in a rush to end the holidays. In fact, she purposefully leaves her decorations up well into January as a way to also celebrate her birthday, which falls on Jan. 19. 

"I put up my Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving," Parton said. "I celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving until my birthday on the 19th of January. I always make them leave my decorations up 'till after my birthday, 'cause I am still celebrating."

And sure, she's continuing the celebration, but as Parton also revealed, taking down her decorations may be a hell of a lot of work too. That's because, as she shared with Ellen on her talk show in 2018, she ensures her entire home is as festive as can be by putting a Christmas tree in every room of her house.

"I have a lot of rooms in my house, and I have a Christmas tree in every one of them," Parton said. "They're all different sizes. I have different houses. I have a lake house and we decorate it with the theme of that, with water. Christmas is all about the kids."

By the way, she isn't the only famous woman who believes in leaving her Christmas decor up well into the new year. As Travel + Leisure previously explained, Queen Elizabeth likes to leave her decorations up until Feb. 6 as a way to honor her late father's birthday. So, if it's okay for the Queen of Country and the literal Queen to leave their decorations up a little longer to spread cheer in the new year, it's okay for you too.

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