‘Disgraceful’ theme park accused of ‘fat-shaming’ tourists after introducing weigh-to-ride

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After Adventure World in Perth, Australia introduced the weighing scales to its park, visitors took to social media to complain. The changes have been called “degrading” , “disgraceful” and “humiliating” across social media.

The self-serve weighing stations flash red if a tourist is above the park’s maximum weight requirement.

A photo shared on social media of the scales showed a big stop sign to push riders to weigh themselves before entering the ride. The red light was labelled: “no ride permitted”.

One person said: “Boycott Adventure World until they change their new disgusting ride policies.

“Not only can you not be above 90kg to ride the rapids, you can’t be over 75kg to ride the Abyss, the roller coaster.

“Do they know the average weight of an adult?”

The roller coaster weight limit works out at just over 11 and a half stone. The average man in the UK is 13 stone and five pounds.

The average weight of a woman in the UK is 11 stone and six pounds. This means that most men and just under half of women in the UK would be judged too heavy for the coaster.

One mother who visited Adventure World with her two children told The West Australian, that her 13-year-old daughter was shamed into being weighed.

The girl was “humiliated” when she was not allowed to ride the Rocky Rapid waterslide after being weighed.

The mother said: “I was angry and disappointed in Adventure World. We’ve enjoyed these rides for years and now all of a sudden we weren’t able to.”

Another woman said: “The park doesn’t cater to us anymore, we went last year and I was able to go on these rides with my kids no issue.

“And this year, we have red lights flashing in our faces saying no you can’t do this.”

Adventure World CEO, Andrew Sharry, told The West Australian, the park was “not alone” in introducing the measures.

He said: “We take our direction from our various ride manufacturer’s safety specifications.

“There have been no changes to, nor introduction this season of a new rider weight safety requirements for any of our rides, slides or attractions.”

He added that the scales were a “rider weight safety assessment scale for the operator” and had been introduced for “riders’ comfort”.

He said: “This brings us in line with almost all other water parks in the country. We are not alone in implementing such a system.”

Some roller coaster manufacturers do have maximum weight restrictions, with Utah’s S&S Worldwide reportedly including a sensor on their rides so a passenger does not exceed 300 pounds (21.4 stone).

Thorpe Park, a theme park in the UK, states that there is a maximum weight of 20 stone to ride their water slide, Depth Charge, in the park’s accessibility guide.

Most of the theme park’s other attractions are judged by size of chest rather than weight if they have a size restriction.

Adventure World has been contacted for a comment. 

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