Dirty-minded Brits find ‘perfect’ naughty destinations road trip – like Twatt

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Dirty-minded Brits are in for a treat after a ‘perfect’ 22 hour road trip across Britain has been mapped out for those with their heads truly in gutter.

It’s safe to say that Brits can often have a naughty sense of humour – remember this B&M dog ornament that caused quite the stir?

Awkwardly placed light bulbs on dogs to one side, a car journey all the way from Scotland to Dorset that takes nearly a whole day to complete has left many giggling.

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Not because of any questionable scenery or interesting locals, but because of the names of villages and streets along the way.

Starting off at innocently named ‘Twatt’ on Orkney Islands, Scotland, before moving swiftly on to settlement ‘Cock Bridge’ and the street of ‘Dick Place’.

Having ticked off the suggestively named locations in Scotland, England certainly provided quite the handful of equally risqué names.

Next on the ‘perfect’ road trip, the English town of ‘Cockermouth’ was a visit not to be missed followed by the boldly named ‘Penistone’ and then just to the south another phallic themed town of ‘Cock Alley’.

Moving away from the more schlong inspired locations, the next stop on the South East coast was village ‘Fingringhoe’.

Nearing the end of the naughty named trip, street ‘Ass Hill’ was sure not to be missed before reaching the rear of the journey by finishing up at Dorset village ‘Shitterton’.

A lot to feast your eyes on for the 1,650km and 22 hour 12 minute journey…

The map was posted onto Twitter account @Nocontextbrits where they shared: “The perfect road trip doesn’t exi…”

It seems that many agree with the perfection of the trip, as Brits fled to the comments to share their thoughts the ‘rudely’ named adventure.

One person commented: “First trip to do if I get a car.”

Another user chuckled: “Swing the other way around London and you could hit Pratt's Bottom too! I used to live near there. The sign always got nicked.”

While a third voiced: “Friendly travel advice~ Always start in Twatt and end in Shitterton.”


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