Healthiest country in the world has long life expectancy

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World’s healthiest countries

  1. Japan
  2. Switzerland
  3. Cuba
  4. Slovenia
  5. Armenia
  6. Croatia
  7. Finland
  8. Poland
  9. Belgium
  10. Italy

Japan was ranked the world’s healthiest country making it one of the best places in the world to live.

The country has an incredible public transport system which means that very few people own their own car.

This means that air pollution is very low in Japan and residents keep healthy and stay fit by walking.

Japan has an extremely low obesity rate at just 3.6 percent of the population which reflects its citizens’ healthy lifestyle.

A typical Japanese diet is high in protein and people generally eat much smaller portions than those in Western countries.

Japan has one of the world’s highest life expectancies and one resident even lived to 119 years old.

Britons looking to relocate closer to home could opt to settle in the world’s second healthiest country.

The average life expectancy in Switzerland is 84 years old, currently three years longer than the UK average.

Traditional Swiss food is made with fresh ingredients which means that residents don’t eat a lot of processed food.

Many Swiss cities have excellent public transport links so many people are able to travel without a car.

Switzerland’s fresh alpine air helps to keep air pollution rates low and its air quality is among the cleanest in the world.

Switzerland doesn’t get much sunlight each year but expats can stay healthy with Vitamin D tablets.

Cuba was ranked the world’s third healthiest countries and is well-known for its excellent health service.

Healthcare is free for all Cuban residents which a typical Cuban diet contains many vegetables.

Slovenia took the fourth spot. Its beautiful capital city, Ljubljana, is one of Europe’s cleanest cities.

The country also has many stunning lakes and forests making exercise an appealing prospect.

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