Cruise passengers jeer and clap at ‘entitled’ woman turning up late for ship

Cruises are a fantastic way to see the sights of multiple cities and countries all in one trip. The travelling is all sorted out for you and you get to sit back with great food, drinks and a pool.

Plus, when holidaymakers dock in each port they can explore the beaches, city streets or go on a fun excursion. What could there possibly be to stress about?

Well, one woman was clearly relaxed on her holiday when perhaps when she shouldn’t have been. A TikTok creator shared a clip showing a woman strolling towards her cruise ship despite the fact that she was 45 minutes late to board.

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In case you didn’t know, if you miss boarding on a cruise ship during one of its stops… the ship will leave you behind. It doesn’t matter where you are or why you were late you’re stuck there.

Oftentimes, people on social media share clips of passengers sprinting down the jetty to make it. But, @DesignsByd1 spotted the world’s most chill latecomer.

They commented: "A lady showing no urgency as the cruise ship waits for her to board 45 minutes after boarding time. How do you say entitled without saying it?"

In the 18-second clip, Deidra showed a woman in a blue top walking calmly with her bags down the dock. Then she swung the camera to show the side of the ship where fellow passengers leaning out of their windows and off balconies to jeer and shout at her.

The video quickly went viral online with over 497,000 likes. Plenty of people weighed in on the situation in the comments too.

A former cruise worker added: "I worked for Royal Caribbean. They don’t wait!" While a cruise fan said: "I d**n near lost my ship after being three minutes late since I lost my phone."

"Last cruise I was on, they made it extremely clear that if you weren't back on time they would be GONE," another person noted. While another wrote: “I couldn’t sashay up this dock knowing all these people are waiting for me. Wherever we docked I just live here now.”

However, some argued for the woman’s lack of haste. One such person said: "If the ship was waiting it was because it was their fault she was late. They don’t wait otherwise."

Another noted: "She must’ve booked excursion through the ship for them to wait for her." And, a woman wrote: "The only way they will wait is if you booked an excursion through the cruise line you’re with."

In the hashtags, Deidra revealed that she was on the Carnival Vista cruise – it sails from Port Canaveral in Orlando and sails around the Bahamas and Caribbean. The ship boasts everything from a pub and brewery to a waterpark and a "SkyRide" – basically a bike that flies high above the top deck.

There’s also a cinema, spa, kids club and comedy club, a NASA programme for children, ropes course, teen hangout and thermal suite. Dive-in movies mean you ca watch a film on the big screen from the pool or enjoy bingo, cooking demonstrations, karaoke and shopping.

When it comes to food there’s everything from an Italian restaurant to a seafood shack, BBQ, asian food, a steakhouse and a burger joint. Plus, fine dining at the Chef’s Table.

Stops depend on the cruise you choose with options like the Bahamas – including Nassau – Eastern Caribbean – with stops in Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk and Amber Cove. Or, Western Caribbean visiting ports like Costa Maya, Mexico, Belize and Cozumel and Southern Caribbean with stops in Aruba, Curacao and Grand Turk.

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