‘I’m taking my hamster’s ashes in a necklace around Europe – he loved to travel’
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    There are lots of strange items that people take on planes – and some that you’re not allowed to bring. But, it turns out that the ashes of your pet are allowed.

    One woman tested this when she spent a whopping £3,500 to scatter her hamster’s ashes in Hawaii. Many of us will never make it to the tropical shores of the US island, but Lisa Murray-Lang made sure it was the final resting place of most of her furry friend.

    The 47-year-old decided to scatter her beloved pet Spud’s ashes in Waikiki in March 2022. She travelled 7,000 miles from Birmingham to Kahanamoku Beach to do so.

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    But, Spud’s story doesn’t end there as Lisa kept a few of his remaining ashes. She’s now taking them on a tour of Europe.

    Lisa claims the Syrian hamster loved spending times in cities like London, Paris and Amsterdam. Admittedly, the animal never visited them while alive, but Lisa had lovingly made cardboard replicas of famous sites, museums and restaurants for him to play in.

    Now, Lisa will take Spud outside of Birmingham while she visits the real cities. She will do so by carrying his remaining ashes in a necklace.

    Lisa, a graphic designer, said: "The idea is that we're tracing his 'paw-steps' and actually going to the places that he 'visited' during his lifetime. We're heading to Paris in September, and then in November we're off to London to see all the sights.

    "Then, the most important one is we're going to Amsterdam – or Hamsterdam – in December, which will be lovely as that set I made for him was always a favourite.

    "It'll also be my tenth wedding anniversary – which is a really special way to celebrate that, and Spud."

    She added: "It's a lovely way to keep celebrating his life, and a lot of it is actually being funded by the sales of my book about him. So in a way it's like an anniversary gift from Spud.

    "I kept some of his ashes from when we buried him in Hawaii, so I'll even be able to take him along too."

    Lisa decided to take the trip after publishing her book A Year in Lockdown: BeLikeSpud which features pictures of Spud visiting various holiday destinations. Lisa says that her book also saw a boom in sales following Spud's sad passing last year – and that people now take copies with them abroad.

    She added: "I still have people send me stories about their children reading the book to their own hamsters. I know one young boy is taking his copy to Portugal on a holiday too this year, so it's like Spud is still travelling.

    "It's been amazing to celebrate his life this last year with all of these trips. I'm not sure what I'll do next – but there are still places he 'visited' that I'd love to see."

    While Spud might be one of the only pets to go abroad after death others have flown with their owners on planes. In fact, a one-eyed ginger cat can be seen exploring the plane’s galley in a viral TikTok video. The cute little cat slinks around on the floor sniffing at various trolleys and drawers before lying back down to relax in its newfound spot.

    The cat did have a collar on, but many commenters questioned how a cat got onto the plane. Especially as it doesn’t have thumbs to hold a boarding pass!

    Not visible on the camera, a member of the flight crew can be overheard asking passengers to check if "your cat is not in your bag”. Thankfully, his owner was eventually located.

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