‘Boyfriend’s shameless method to get extra legroom on a flight works every time’

Some people will go to great lengths to get extra room on a flight. This couple has taken innovation to a whole new level by pretending they were traveling with a baby.

A video posted on TikTok by (@olivialynne93) shows her partner ‘cradling’ a baby back and forth in the hope that it would keep passengers away from his adjacent middle seat. They were flying on Southwest Airlines which has an open-seating policy.

User Olivia captioned the video: “The things he’ll do to keep the middle seat open in an airplane”.

Many, TikTok viewers were impressed. One person wrote: “Good trick”. Another offered: “I’d even play a crying baby on my phone”.

“Just smile and gesture to strangers to sit next to you as they walk towards you. Guarantee they’ll keep walking”, another said.

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However, not all thought this clever hack was particularly polite; in fact, they thought it was quite selfish. Some slammed the passenger for taking up a valuable seat.

One said: “I’m gonna start sitting in the middle on purpose to spite the people trying that hard”

Another TikTok user, Mike Davis (@mikewdavis) posted another suggestion on a video “How to keep seats open next to you on a flight”. This was also on a Southwest Airlines flight with free seating.

@olivialynne93 The things he’ll do to keep the middle seat open on an airplane#fyp #k18results #southwestairlines #traveltiktok #middleseatistheworst ♬ original sound – Olivia

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He shows himself sitting in an aisle seat in a row of three. To ensure the keeps the seat free, he looks at every passenger as they file past and taps his hand onto the adjacent seat “offering’ it.

As you’d expect, most thought he was a bit crazy and quickly moved along.

Another TikTok user suggested: “This…but the middle seat double tapping both sides.”

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