Avanti adds Australia, New Zealand and Fiji packages

Responding to travel advisor demand, Avanti Destinations will launch its first packages in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, starting in September. 

Avanti, a wholesaler that offers custom-crafted independent vacations only through travel advisors, will offer a total of eight vacations.  

Avanti will have three suggested itineraries advisors can book for FIT clients in Australia, three in New Zealand and two in Fiji. With a wide selection of destinations, activities/experiences and hotels, advisors can tailor each client’s itinerary to their preferences.

Avanti CEO Paul Barry called the range of components advisors can use to build vacations “staggering,” with 222 hotels and 280 activities/experiences. 

“Our travel advisor partners have been asking us to offer Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific for some time because these places are very high on most people’s travel bucket list,” said Barry, adding that the three countries “are ideal for independent American travelers since English is the predominant language.”

An e-brochure will be available on Avanti’s travel advisor portal on Sept. 12 and a webinar about the region is scheduled for Aug. 31. Additional webinars on the individual countries are scheduled for October, November and December. 

Barry said the timing of the launch coincides with flight capacity to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji returning to pre-pandemic levels. 

Avanti’s vacation packages range in length from 4 to 16 days.

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