Baggage handler has people feeling ‘claustrophobic’ as he loads luggage on plane
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    Anyone who’s flown on holiday knows what the inside of the cabin looks like – but there are plenty of places on a commercial plane you’re unlikely to ever get to see.

    Flight attendants have previously said you might just catch a glimpse of the cockpit if you ask very nicely.

    Plus, bigger long-haul jets even have special rooms where the staff can recline and catch some sleep – and cabin crew sometimes show off the rest spot online.

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    But, now, an airline worker has unveiled another part of the plane you’ve probably never seen before.

    The aviation worker, who goes by the name Dj Sugue on TikTok, produces videos of himself at work as a self-described 'ramp guy'.

    According to the Mirror, he sets up cameras inside the passenger and cargo planes he works on to show what it’s like from the other side of the metal.

    Most holidaymakers will only have seen the bags being thrown into the hold opening.

    However Dj Sugue shows how he catches and arranges the bags in the hold.

    Plus, he demonstrates just how small the space is.

    In one video he is seen lying on the floor in the hold, with the ceiling hanging about 1.2m above the floor.

    Bags are fed towards him down a conveyor belt for Dj Sugue to stack brick-like into a mini wall.

    In another video he is seen loading parcels full of online shopping. In between waves of bags along the conveyor belt Dj Sugue stretches or has a little lie down.

    In the comments people expressed concerns about different aspects of the job, with a running theme the close quarters of his working environment.

    "I cannot breath by just watching the video, my phobia cannot," one person wrote, suggesting the plane compartment made them feel claustrophobic.

    "What if they forgot you there?" another asked, while one person added: "I would love do the job but why do I feel scared".

    Others were simply intrigued by the process, with one holidaymaker commenting: "You know what? I had no idea what I expected happened to the luggage? I just didn't think it was this".

    Dj Sugue also offers an insight into how different categories of bags are loaded and then unloaded.

    For example, he revealed that those passengers who have priority tickets have their bags packed last and taken off first, before those belonging to customers with connections to catch and then people with normal tickets.


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