Amsterdam may close cannabis cafes and limit brothels to deter rowdy tourists

Holiday hotspot Amsterdam is cracking down on rowdy behaviour despite being best known as a Mecca for all things naughty.

Thanks to the Red Light District with its brothels and the legal cannabis coffee shops around the city Amsterdam has long attracted young and wild tourists.

It is also a top stag and hen do destination as Brits can easily find cheap flights to the city from around £60.

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But, now, the Dutch capital wants to change its reputation and be better known for its cultural significance and sights rather than sex, drugs and bicycles.

Apparently, messy party weekends have been causing annoyance among the local residents and Brits are thought to be some of the worst.

New plans for Amsterdam would mean that tourist could become less hazardous and the locals can enjoy their city more.

It’s believed that the Netherlands city will no longer sell cannabis on weekends, stag parties will be limited and brothels may be shut down in the Red Light District.

The plans were announced on Wednesday with a new “stay away” campaign that looks to discourage tourists who were only there to have a rowdy weekend away.

Bars and clubs will have limited opening hours shutting at 2am, while window prostitution and brotels in the red light zone will be restricted on when they can open.

Smoking marijuana in certain parts of the city will reportedly be made illegal while some of the coffee shops that sell the drug may be closed down.

Already in place in Amsterdam are alcohol bans in certain areas.

There may also come into play tighter rules around Airbnb and short rentals, reports DailyMail.

Holiday let owners may be encourages to make them into homes for Amsterdam residents while a tourist tax may be introduced during busy periods.

Sofyan Mbarki, Amsterdam's deputy mayor, said: “It has become clear that everyone cares about the city and that intervention is needed to counter the nuisance and overcrowding.

“Amsterdam is a metropolis and that means a lively and bustling city, but to keep our city livable, we now have to opt for limits instead of irresponsible growth.

“If we love the city, we have to act now.”

The proposal will be put to the city council on December 21.

If you’re keen to visit Amsterdam as a tourist then there are thousands of other things to do in the city.

History buffs can head to the Anne Frank House which functions as a museum having been the home of the famous teenage diarist during the Second World War.

The Van Gogh Museum is perfect for art lovers enamoured with the troubled painter’s swirling colours and shapes.

You can pay a little extra for a boat tour down the canal where you’ll tuck into Dutch cheese while your guide tells you all about the city’s history.

Stroll through the Jordaan – a quieter neighbourhood with narrow alleys, 17th century architecture, cafes and boutique shops.

Or, head out into the surrounding countryside to see the windmills or tulips on a day trip.


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