Airbnb’s New 'Flexible Dates' Feature Makes It Easier Than Ever to Plan Your Dream Escape

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In 2020, the global workforce finally realized that remote work is entirely possible for most of the population. This product of the pandemic inspired many people to explore new places, move to new cities, and gave rise to the "workcation" model of traveling to work somewhere new just because you can. Entire nations even adopted new visa models to allow travelers to come and experience extended stays. And now, Airbnb is getting in on it, too, with new flexible dates option.

"According to our new travel trends report, one-quarter of Americans would consider traveling during off-peak times of the year or the week. And in 2021 to date, more than one-third of people searching our platform have been flexible in terms of the date or location of their stay," Airbnb explained in a blog post. "At Airbnb, we believe these shifts will continue even after the pandemic fades, and that for those with new flexibility to choose their dates, travel will increasingly become a way of life."

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As of Feb. 23, travelers can now see a "Flexible Dates" feature that allows them to search for homes without a specific check-in or check-out date. So, rather than selecting a date, guests can search for options like "weekend getaway" or "week-long vacation," or even a "months-long stay." This, Airbnb says, will allow travelers the ability to browse more options while staying flexible on the exact dates of their trip.

"It's no surprise COVID-19 continues to change the way we travel, and in addition to redesigning our platform last year to make nearby and longer-term stays easier to find and book, our new Flexible Dates feature aligns with a broader shift in how people will travel in the future," Airbnb added in a statement. "The traditional travel industry was built around fixed destinations with fixed dates in mind, but that model no longer meets the needs of today's travelers."

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