Cabin crew warns passengers not to brush teeth or touch surfaces in plane toilet
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    Frequent flyers often feel like they know the ins and outs of airline travel to a tee.

    But, flight attendants and pilots will always know more about the secrets of life at 35,000ft than the average customer.

    Even if you take a trip every week they are more informed about the ins and outs of service from food to hygiene.

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    Since the internet provided spaces for airline crews to speak about their work anonymously they’ve been sharing their advice with passengers.

    Earlier this year, one air hostess warned that you should never eat or drink the “extremely unhealthy” airline food.

    While another warned Brits not to wear shorts while they fly…

    Now, an anonymous flight attendant has revealed to Sanctuary Bathrooms the dirty secrets of passengers planes – from burning sewage pipes to why you shouldn’t brush your teeth in the toilet.

    How often are the loos cleaned?

    "An important part of the airline industry is turnover," said the former cabin crew member. "This sometimes means that a full, deep clean of the aeroplane loo isn’t always possible due to lack of time and higher priorities.

    "Generally, the cubicles get a quick wipe down straight before a flight.

    "Then during the flight, they tend to be checked every half an hour or so but again, if there are more urgent things going on, checking on the cleanliness of the loos can fall down the priority list."

    She added: "Some passengers might not be aware that the sewage tank (that collects all the waste from the loos) is onboard and there can sometimes be several, depending on the size of the plane.

    "This tank is supposed to get emptied once the plane has landed but with 2022 being one of the busiest years for flights, it can often be a couple days before it gets fully emptied.

    "If the sewage tank was to overflow, there is a risk that pipes could burst and their contents could get into the aircraft – which has happened before!”

    The do’s and don’ts of using a plane toilet

    Do wear a mask in the loo

    The aeroplane loo is essentially a cupboard, with no clean air.

    There is no window and the air ventilation is poor.

    This means that every time you go to the loo, not only are you breathing in the air of many others who have ‘done their business’ before you (especially if it’s a long-haul flight) but you could also be breathing in potential faeces particles, circulating the air after a toilet flush.”

    Don’t clean your teeth

    Do not clean your teeth in an aeroplane loo.

    The water on a plane all comes from the same water tank and it is not filtered.

    If you really need to, used bottled water but my main piece of advice would be, do not take your toothbrush or wash bag anywhere near an aeroplane loo.

    Don’t touch any surfaces – including the loo seat

    It sounds dramatic but I highly recommend you avoid direct contact with as many surfaces as possible, in the aeroplane loo cubicle.

    That starts from opening the door. Use your foot or wear plastic, disposable gloves to touch the handle.

    Most aeroplane loos have wipes next to the sink, which are there to be used – wipe down every surface before you touch it.

    If that’s not possible, take some sheets of loo roll and use them to avoid touching anything directly with your fingertips.

    Worst case scenario, use your knuckles, rather than your fingers and hand sanitise straight after.

    Finally, try your best to hover over the loo seat and avoid actually sitting down and touching it. If you’re finding it hard to balance, there are usually handles that you can hold on to, but again, wipe them down first or cover them with loo roll.

    The same applies to touching the flush button.

    Do shower straight after your flight

    Because of the poor air circulation on a plane (especially in the loos) as well as the number of surfaces that can harbour a lot of germs, you could leave your flight with dirty hands, hair and clothes.

    As soon as you arrive at your destination, put your clothes in the wash and have a good scrub. I always used to shower straight after work and sometimes the water would turn brown!

    Don’t take your shoes off – ever!

    Sometimes people remove their shoes to walk around the plane but do not step sock-footed and even barefoot, into an aeroplane bathroom!

    Due to the high chance of unbalance and people missing the toilet bowl, there could be urine on the floor.

    Imagine if you carried this from your sock, into your shoe and back into your home – that would be incredibly unhygienic!

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    Do carry hand sanitiser

    Post-covid, regular hand-washing is now a lot more frequent and the use of hand sanitiser, whilst on the go, is now part and parcel of our daily routine.

    These personal hygiene practices should definitely be implemented when travelling, especially for moments like using the aeroplane loos.

    Most flight attendants have always carried pocket-sized bottles of hand sanitiser around with them on flights, to use when necessary and I would encourage passengers to do the same.

    Especially before and after visiting the loo (as well as washing your hands with soap).


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