Man Caught Smuggling Snake in Pants at German Airport

A 43-year-old traveler was caught on Christmas Eve at a German airport concealing a snake in his pants as he prepared to board a flight.

According to The Local, authorities revealed Monday the unidentified man was in the process of boarding a flight from Berlin Schonefeld Airport to Israel when security officers noticed a large bulge in his pants.

When the passenger was stopped and told to reveal what he had hidden in his pants, the man pulled out a bag tied with a cord. Inside the bag was a 15.75-inch boa, which is protected by the Washington Convention on the Protection of Cities act.

Travelers must declare the import and export of the reptiles, and when the man didn’t have the proper documentation for the snake, the animal was confiscated and brought to a rescue center in Brandenburg, Germany.

As a result, the passenger faces a fine for attempting to smuggle the animal on his flight.

Passengers trying to smuggle animals through the airport in their pants is not a new phenomenon, as authorities in Singapore announced last week they had discovered four live kittens concealed in a man’s pants as he attempted to enter the country.

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