Drunk Passengers Delay Spirit Airlines Flight to Baltimore

A drunk man forced all passengers to deplane after he vomited into a woman’s hair.

The Spirit Airlines flight, bound for Baltimore from Chicago, returned to the gate after the drunken incident. The intoxicated individual was escorted from the aircraft and the plane was cleaned for passengers before they were able to return to the plane.

Passenger Cassidy Smith documented the ordeal on Twitter with video of diligent flight attendants working to free the woman from the mess in her hair.

A drunk guy THREW UP in this poor girls hair pic.twitter.com/wvaysFCKwg

The woman with vomit in her hair had to wash it out in a bathroom sink but she took the whole situation in stride, earning praise from Smith.

All fresh & so clean clean after she washes her hair in the bathroom sink. She handled this like an absolute champ! @SpiritAirlines this girl deserves endless free flights! pic.twitter.com/QQZIyMtFFJ

Following the incident, passengers were once again ready for takeoff but two more drunk people locked themselves in the bathroom and another delay took place.

SIKE! Jk. We actually were taxing out to finally take off when these two drunk idiots lock themselves in the back bathroom and flood the back of the plane (in no way related to the 1st drunk guy) pic.twitter.com/9Ws1RIfdo1

Once they were finally on their way, Smith praised the Spirit Airlines crew for their handling of the situation.

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