Holiday home specialist calls for talks over Downtown Dubai ban

A leading holiday home specialist has called for talks to take place to discuss the imminent ban on operators using Downtown Dubai.

Vinayak Mahtani, CEO of bnbme, is one of a growing list of people concerned by the decision from Emaar last week to order a ban on properties being used as holiday homes in Downtown Dubai as of September 19.

Mahtani told Arabian Business, he does not believe that Emaar has the right to make such a call, which should fall to Dubai of Tourism and Commerce Management (DTCM).

He said: “Emaar is not a governing body and it’s not under their jurisdiction to make this judgement.  

“I believe and have faith that the authorities will make a correct judgment to suit all.”

The new rule was circulated around properties on the same day that Emaar launched its own entry into the short-term property letting market with the unveiling of Ease by Emaar.

According to the statement, from Emaar Community Management, the decision was taken following “several requests and resident complaints on disturbances and related inconveniences due to holiday home operations”.

It added: “In the recent past, there has been a growing concern as holiday homes have been used for non-residential and non-family oriented activities, impacting the value and neighbourhood spirit of our communities.”

And while Mahtani agreed in principle with what Emaar is doing, he called for dialogue between all parties concerned in order to find a suitable solution.

He added: “I understand what Emaar is trying to do and support the ideology. Let’s sit down together with other holiday home operators and have a round table discussion. We are not the enemy and can together benefit the owners, investors and residents.”

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