Tour operator RoadRunAir launches with in-house private jets: Travel Weekly

A new tour operator group is taking the term all-inclusive to new heights by offering its own private jet service for travelers. 

RoadRunAir has launched its own private airline to meet the demands of travelers wanting to fly private while traveling to multiple destinations via packaged tours. 

The company is led by Moti Engelman, airline captain and senior deputy at Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority, and Uri Argov, ex-owner and founder of accommodation wholesaler Tourico Holiday. 

RoadRunAir has obtained an Air Carrier Certificate, enabling the company to fly its fleet of business jets that can accommodate up to 30 passengers, with window seats and center aisle drink holders available for each traveler. RoadRunAir is launching with three jets and is planning to purchase more.

Customers will use private terminals during their multi-destination tours with prices starting at $4,500, which includes private flights, hotels, full-board meals, excursions, transportation, guides and gratuities.

RoadRunAir will initially offer three domestic U.S. itineraries: the Southern states, which will center on American music and nature in New Orleans and Nashville, Memphis, Lynchburg and Chattanooga, Tenn.; the West Coast, which will include San Francisco, Napa Valley, Bryce and Zion canyons in Utah, Antelope Canyon and Sedona in Arizona and Las Vegas; and the Northeast, which will include Niagara Falls, Hershey and Amish Country in Pennsylvania and Washington.

Trips will last around seven to nine days and will depart from New York or Los Angeles. Plans for additional routes that will include the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America are in the works.

Sales and marketing for the tours will be focused on B2B distribution via tour operators and wholesalers, plus retail travel agents and online travel agents. RoadRunAir said it will offer competitive commissions, including providing numerous fam trips in coming months.

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