Immerse your clients in Japans ancient culture with Stuba ·

Immerse your clients in Japans ancient culture with Stuba


The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is juxtaposed between thousands of years old cultural heritage, and one of the most modern and technologically advanced countries in the world.

Modern skyscrapers sit amongst small huts, and traditional industries sit alongside the cutting edge od technology; it is in short, a land of contradictions that makes it so appealing for the tourism world, and the intrepid traveller.

Across is long history, Japan has seen periods of both openness and self forced isolation. Todays Japan is welcoming to the traveller, and appreciates some effort made by tourists to respect tradition and customs.

Japan is extremely homogeneous, with 99.9% of the population being of Japanese ethnicity. However, with sizable Pilipino, Chinese, and Brazilian population. The younger Japanese are extremely welcoming and curious of foreigners, and like to practice their English, but be respectful of older generations who prefer to stick to Japanese!

Of all the cities in Japan, Hiroshima is one that probably come to mind as a tourism destination. However, it has become a modern cosmopolitan city, with some of the best food and nightlife in Japan. The way this city has rebuilt itself is nothing short of amazing. Founded in 1589, Hiroshima became a major industrial site, and port city.

The best time to visit Hiroshima is usually in October and November. Cool, with less rain provides pleasant and refreshing temperatures.

Some of the things not to miss are:

The Peace Flame: A monument  that reminds us of the devastating event that occurred. Located in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, it provides a chance for reflection and thought.

Mitaki Temple: Beautiful and peaceful. This temple was originally part of the Hiro-Hachiman Jinja, but was dismantled and sent to Hiroshima as a memorial.

Restaurant Momonoki: We have all heard tales of astronomical process for beef in Japan, and this restaurant isn’t cheap. However, it is rated extremely highly. The tasting menu is popular, so ensure you have a booking. The restaurant is small, bit consistently gets some of the best foodie ratings going.

Raku Bar: for some of the best Japanese craft beer provides the option of ‘all you can drink’, which is wise or foolish, depending on the person. The local Kaigunsan is a favourite. Located in the party region of Nagarekawa, another popular bar is the  Wonderful Joke Bar. Cheesy Karaoke is the name of the game.




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