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As I write to you at the very beginning of 2020, I hope that you, your family, staff and friends have managed to have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s.

Sadly, however, I suspect some will have been caught up in the national fire crisis that our country is facing. The images on the TV and on social media are difficult to comprehend as our nation remains on fire and we witness the devastation and destruction of property and loss of life that comes with fires of this ferocity.

I thought it important to reach out at this time to advise you that AFTA is engaged in a number of ways with government and industry as consideration is given to what may be required to support the nation, support the industry and potentially support you as an AFTA member.

It is difficult to determine what should be done from an industry perspective until the scope of challenges are known. What we ask you at this time is that if you find yourselves confronted with a challenge with a client, or a booking or any aspect of your business as a result of the fires, please let us know.

A simple email to will get our full attention and we will do what we can to support and assist if we are able.

As you would know the federal government has put in place an incredibly large recovery package and we will monitor how that will be administered.

Again, if your business has been directly impacted by the fires please let us know by sending an email with your member details, the situation and a little detail to and we will do what we can to support. At this stage the arrangements and process are not completely final, but we will make sure we understand the process and assist.

If you have any ideas or ways you think more help and support can be provided, again send an email to We will consider all ideas and they are most welcomed.

When it comes to donations the RFS appears to be the best place to direct support and this can be done via the following websites:




As the situation further unfolds, we will assess if the travel industry should be considering something more formal on a national basis, but from our assessment it does seem that funds are flowing in well via various donation campaigns or from the federal and state governments.

At this time of national pain, it is important for all AFTA members to know that your Federation is taking the situation very seriously and is, and will, continue to engage at both a state and federal level to help support the country as the fire recovery begins. Of course, as we all know, this crisis is not over and many remain under continued threat of fire at this time. Our hearts and prayers go out to all those who have been impacted by the fires thus far and we remain committed to being engaged and supportive.

It is a sad way to commence the new decade but as the fires come under containment over the coming months and recovery efforts become known, I hope for all that the year improves – as a nation we are known to be very resilient and I am sure we will prevail once again.

Further updates and information will be provided as they become available to us.

With thanks, stay safe,

Jayson Westbury

Chief Executive

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