‘Turned away’ Cruise passengers share dress code stories – ‘wouldn’t budge’

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A cruise dress code will depend on the type of boat and dining room. While some cruises have a strict dress code, others are more relaxed especially if it’s a family oriented line.

On some of the larger cruise ships, some restaurants or bars will have a dress code while others will be casual.

Reddit user ‘optionhome’ asked: “Has anyone been turned away from a ship dining venue because of the way that they were dressed?”

One former passenger said: “A member of my party was turned away from a specialty restaurant for wearing shorts.

“He returned late from an excursion and didn’t think it would be a big deal.”

In one shocking tale,a cruise passenger said: “We saw a man turned away from the main dining room for wearing his pyjamas.

“He didn’t understand why that was a problem.”

Another said: “My husband got turned away for wearing nice shorts with a collared polo shirt.

“It was the first night when they are usually more lenient because not everyone’s luggage has been delivered to their stateroom by the time they go to dinner.

“He just went and changed and it was fine but they weren’t budging on their rules.”

Some guests thought that a dress code for cruise restaurants was important and said they enjoyed it.

One said: “Some places have a dress code. These places are super fancy so of course you won’t be able to wear shorts and a tank top in there.

“Just like on land. There are restaurants like that.”

Another said: “I’ve not seen anyone turned away. Even on the fancy dress night there were people in the dining room with basketball shorts and a t-shirt on.

“It was a little disappointing, as I was excited to see a lot of pretty dresses and fancy suits.”

However, some regular cruise guests thought they could do without a strict dress code and preferred things more casual.

One said: “I don’t like getting dressed up. I’ll certainly comply to a dress code, but I’m not a snazzy dresser.

“I don’t seek out venues that require such. Some people very much enjoy having a fancy experience and seeing people around dressed in pool clothes would take away from that.”

Another said: “I got turned away twice since I had shorts and then changed to jeans and went again.

“They didn’t like that my shirt was button up so had to change again. I get not having swimsuit but it shouldn’t be that tight.”

One cruise holidaymaker said they thought the dress code might depend on which staff were working.

They said: “Just depends on who is minding the door. I’ve seen it happen a time or two but I don’t actively watch for it. Some lines are more lenient than others.”

After Covid, some cruise lines might have relaxed their dress codes but guests should check before packing.

If dressing up sounds like a nightmare, guests should book a casual cruise or avoid the smarter restaurants.

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