Cruise: Use this trick to get free drinks on board – including booze

Cruise holidays are popular, not only due to their luxury offering, but also largely thanks to their all-inclusive nature meaning most things are included in the ticket price. Alas, too often new cruisers may find themselves caught out by unexpected drinks costs.


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You see, not all beverages are included in the ticket int the way that the food is.

Drinks, particularly of the alcoholic variety, come at an additional cost and can add an eye-watering sum to your end of holiday tab.

However, two cruise experts have come to the rescue, offering a trick that could see cruisers enjoying a free tipple.

Ben and David have been on almost 30 cruises around the world, and know a thing or two about life sailing the highs seas.

The duo run a Youtube channel dedicated specifically to the world of cruising, aptly named “Cruise with Ben and David”.

They revealed that there are some opportunities to grab free cocktails or even a glass of fizz that many cruise guests don’t know about.

David explained: “Most cruise lines hold certain events where free drinks are on offer. These include things like the captain’s welcome and farewell parties where drinks are free-flowing.

“You usually find a selection of cocktails as well as some fizz such as prosecco.”

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Though these drinks usually come at an additional cost when purchased in the restaurant or at a bar, when it comes to special events, drinks are just part of the draw.

David continues: “Other things as well like art auctions where there is unlimited Prosecco or champagne on offer.

“Plus shops hold some special sales and events where there are free drinks available and there is absolutely no need to buy anything, but don’t have too many because you might be buying stuff by accident.”

For holidaymakers who aren’t too keen on alcohol, there are plenty of free drink options elsewhere.


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Ben says: “Cruise lines also have free water, tea, coffee and juice available in the buffet.

“And tap water is completely safe to drink too, but the taste might not be great though.

“We recommend you bring a refillable mug or bottle for water and coffee to avoid having to buy it.

“We also take these off in port with us as well so we don’t have to waste extra money while in port.”

The pair also suggests taking your own flavoured tea bags and utilising the free hot water or taking cordial squash.

“Cordial squash is great for the tap water, especially if you don’t like the taste,” adds David.

“It will make it taste more like soda.”

Passengers who hope to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner are also in luck, as an ex-cruise worker has revealed a handy way to save money on alcohol in restaurants too.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Brian David Bruns explained: “At the beginning of a cruise if you want to buy a bottle of wine, you don’t have to worry about downing the whole wine that meal.

“They will return the wine to you night after night.”

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