Meet couple who sold home to live on a cruise ship – and how much they’re saving

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Angelyn and Richard Burk, on the surface, seem like your every day retired American couple.

They travel all over the world, enjoy their days without having to work, and spend time with one another.

But the Burks are actually a unique couple because they’ve sold their home to live on various cruise ship.

They claim this way of living not only saves them money, but allows them to travel the world.

The Burks told CNN that their cost of living before their retirement was $75,000 USD a year.

They added that while both of them worked, they “lived off the one smaller salary” and banked the other salary — even though it wasn’t clear which of the pair made more money.

But a freak accident in 2013 when, according to Angelyn, ‘all of our things went up in flames in a moving truck’, the couple were forced to rethink their way of life.

“We were always looking to cruises, because it kept calling to us,” she said.

“It’s so easy. You just book a cruise and it takes you to different places.”

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The couple say that their cruising while retired does have its challenges — for example, doing laundry on the ship can be a bit of a hassle — but, they also claim that they’re saving a lot of money.

“In the last two years or so, it was $35,000 or less to live,” Angelyn said — only half of what their cost of living was before retirement.

They also have taken advantage of savings bundles through loyalty points from credit cards and promotions from cruise ship lines.

“For us, we’ve proven that we don’t need a home base,” Richard said.

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