Jane McDonald’s top tip to not get lost onboard a cruise ship – ‘Do it every time!’

Jane McDonald gets interrupted during filming

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Cruise ships are big, and getting bigger every year as companies build increasingly more extravagant ships with bigger and better attractions and more of everything. It’s no wonder passengers get lost trying to find their way around. But, if there’s anyone who knows what cruise ships are like, it’s Jane McDonald, and she shared her number one tip to help baffled cruisers navigate their way around cruise ships.

“Cruising [is] so special,” Jane enthused. “You move around different places and learn so much more than you would on a normal holiday.”

When Jane has “some time to kill” she likes to explore her surroundings. 

“There’s nothing I like doing more than wandering around the ship on my own,” the singer explained. “I do love the feel of a ship.” 

But while Jane is an expert at navigating cruise ships, not all cruisers are. 

Jane said: “It’s easy to get lost on bigger ships. 

“When you get on, find the nearest lift to your stateroom and do every floor from that particular lift throughout your voyage.” 

For those that need a little more guidance to find their way around a cruise ship, help begins at check-in. 

When passengers check in, they are usually given a deck plan. 

This guide shows all the different decks and what is located where on each deck. 

This is a great tool to find your way around, and learn what section to be on to look for certain things. 

If you don’t have the handy pocket guide with you, help is as close as the next set of lifts. 

Look to the left or right, there is always a deck plan posted on the wall, with a map of the deck you are on. 

If for any reason you don’t want to take a lift, there are several sets of stairs to take. 

Another tip is to spot the landmarks, or in this case ship-marks. 

Look for things that are different – or a certain point of interest. 

Stairways usually have some sort of artwork at the halfway level between each deck. 

Usually, there is a theme to this, and it often differs from one stairway to another. 

It also helps if cruisers know some of the ship terms. 

The front of the ship is called the bow, the back is called stern or aft. 

Port means left and starboard means right. 

These words are often on directional signs around the ship. 

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