Cruise passengers issued cabin warning – ‘don’t chance it’

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Cabins with balconies are often some of the most popular accommodation on cruise ships. But passengers will need to be careful on their balcony.

A guest asked on Reddit: “This is my first balcony cruise so any balcony tips? Are you allowed to leave swimsuits out there to dry?”

An experienced passenger said: “With drying clothes on the balcony, note that if it’s humid outside, wet clothes may not dry particularly quickly.

“Still faster than inside, but not all that fast considering. And if the winds or seas are rough, don’t chance it.

“I’ve never lost a suit overboard, but I ran out to bring it in when I saw it waving off the back of a chair like it was a flag.”

Cruise balconies are often very windy if the ship is out at sea and clothes could easily be blown away.

Another guest added: “Honestly I wouldn’t leave anything on the balcony unless you’re out there with it.

“While you’re in port might be ok and you might be ok otherwise, but you also might lose the item.”

Even if it’s not windy, guests could find their items get wet due to a procedure that happens on some ships.

One guest said: “If you’re planning to let clothes dry out on the balcony, be aware that there’s times that the cruise cleans the outside of the ship during the day at dock with some kind of high power motor.

“I’ve been in the cabin relaxing and all of a sudden hearing a low rumbling noise and seeing some kind of contraption spin by spraying water!”

Cruise companies may clean the ship while it is in dock and passengers could see their drying items soaked.

But if passengers do want to dry clothes out on the balcony, guests did share a top cruise tip.

They said: “Bring some plastic kitchen clips and clip your swimsuit to the chair. If the clips have magnets on the back, you can also use them to stick stuff to your cabin walls.

“At least one of your cabin walls will be metal and hold a magnet very nicely.”

Cruise cabin walls are often magnetic so guests may be able to hang drying items on hooks inside.

Another guest added: “Towel clips come in handy and they don’t take up much space. You don’t have to find some place in your cabin for yet more things to dry.”

Another guest shared their own tip for passengers with balcony cabins, saying: “Be careful opening and closing the hallway door if your balcony door is open.

“There’s a big pressure difference that causes a major draught through your cabin. It can slam the hall door shut and blow stuff off the tables.

“If you’re travelling with kids, take extra care with that door.”

Passengers are unlikely to be popular with their fellow guests if they keep letting their cabin door slam.

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