Cruise crew explain how they ‘act differently’ at end of trip

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From entertaining guests to cleaning rooms or serving in the restaurant, cruise crew work hard to give passengers the best experience. But one guest said they’d noticed a change on the last day.

They said: “I’ve noticed that throughout the cruise, the crew is very nice and friendly.

“However, on the last day, I notice the behaviour usually changes. I notice housekeeping especially usually acts a bit more quiet.

“Does anyone know why this is the case? I just find it interesting because it’s not the crew’s last day as they’ll get a new group of people.”

Cruise crew are usually very friendly and will greet passengers as they move around the ship.

A former crew member replied saying: “I worked on a cruise ship for five years and can tell you from experience, turnaround days are just horrible for the crew.

“It’s a very long and stressful day! If you were lucky to be on a ship that sailed a seven night itinerary, it was okay.

“But if your ship was sailing short three and four night sailings with two turnaround days a week, it was hell!”

Cruise crew will need to work extremely hard to prepare the ship for the next guests after the first set of passengers leave.

Another crew member added: “I know it isn’t a good excuse, but turnaround for us is a long day.

“It’s not that we’re trying to be rude or cold, we are focused on trying to get the assignments completed with the hope of a small break.”

Guests may find that the crew have less time to chat on the last day as they are so busy with chores.

A guest said: “Honestly, can you blame them? They have an extremely small window to clean and restock an entire ship before a new batch of people come aboard.

“And not just any people, sure lots of pleasant people, but also crying toddlers, entitled Karens and incredibly unprepared tourists.

“They’re underpaid and overworked. I’m okay if they drop the act for a few hours while everyone shuffles off the ship.”

Another passenger said they had never noticed a change in crew’s behaviour at the end of the cruise.

They said: “I’ve been on over 50 cruises and I’ve never noticed this. We have received hugs from room stewards and dining room staff.

“I’ve had special breakfasts made for us as a surprise on disembarkation day. Had a sommelier search us out and gave us a bottle of wine on the last day.

“Yes the staff is busy, but they still give the great service that they have given every day.”

Cruise passengers could always strip their own bed if they want to help room stewards on the last day.

Guests can also leave a tip if they want to reward the crew for their hard work to make their holiday great.

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