Cruise passenger says they will never ‘cruise again’

Cruise ships can carry thousands of passengers and unfortunately there might be a few bad eggs among the crowd. A passenger has said they were so put off they would never cruise again.

‘Thxforthegoldenshowr’ wrote on Reddit: “The majority of people who have shared the 10 night cruise I am about to disembark from what have been just awful human beings.

“Is ‘vacation mode’ an excuse to lose kindness, respect and decency for others? Can you not be bothered to cover your cough with a hand, shoulder or sleeve?

“Grown people cutting very obvious lines to take the last pork rib in the bowl, really? It’s not like it’s the last pork rib on the ship.

“Rushing into a full elevator as it’s opening without letting anyone off first. Blocking walkways, stopping mid-walk in a crowded hallway.”

Another guest ‘Lucky_Pyxi’ said: “People who stop in a group in an obviously crowded walkway are my pet peeve.”

Hallways on cruise ships are often very narrow to maximise space, so stopping to talk in the middle could be irritating for fellow guests.

The ship’s buffet is often the source of drama on a cruise and people pushing in line can be too much for some passengers.

‘GalaticaZero’ said: “I just came back from a cruise and saw this lady picking out all the shrimp from the seafood stew in the buffet.”

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Touching any of the food isn’t acceptable at a buffet and guests should always use the utensils provided.

Another passenger recently irritated some guests at the breakfast buffet by saying they intended to eat in their pyjamas.

One guest shared their tips to enjoy a cruise without being bothered by irritating fellow passengers.

‘TheLastRecluse5’ said: “There are things you can do to minimise their impact. Eating at off-premium times, taking food out and eating somewhere else on the ship may help.

“Be present with your party and pay no mind to anyone else. You’ll never see these people again.”

The buffet is usually the restaurant where passengers will have the most interaction with other guests.

Guests could try eating in one of the ship’s other restaurants or avoid eating at the busiest times.

If passengers have a balcony room, they could enjoy some alfresco meals or even order room service.

The passenger added: “You might enjoy smaller cruise ships in spring or autumn.”

Smaller or luxury ships will have far fewer passengers which may lower the risk of encountering annoying people.

Ships are also quieter outside of peak season which will mean passengers won’t have to deal with buffet queues.

Guests could also opt for an adults only line if they don’t want to cruise with families and young children.

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