Cruise guests warned over common mistake that could ‘cost you’

Cruise holidays are usually offered on an all-inclusive basis but guests could have to pay extra for a drinks package or speciality dining.

However, guests could also end up forking out extra if they make a costly mistake during their holiday.

Yasmin Pekel, cruise expert and CEO of Blue Cruise, told how cruise guests can avoid extra costs.

Cruise guests will usually have a choice of excursions for each destination and can choose to book with the cruise line.

Guests normally get around six hours at each destination so will need to plan to make the most of their time.

Booking ahead

Yasmin said: “If you want to make the most of onshore excursions, it is always best to book them ASAP. On popular cruise lines, these tend to fill up very quickly, especially the most exciting or adventurous opportunities.

“But remember, all is not lost if your preference is full, local tour guides at your destination will often offer similar opportunities, and these can actually be cheaper to book.”

Guests can always check reviews to find a similar tour offered by a third party, which may even be cheaper than those offered by the cruise line.

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Time management

Yasmin said: “Good timekeeping skills are essential for a good cruise. If you are late, whether for the initial one or any of the onshore excursions, you could have to pay extra to meet it at the next port of call.

“Alternatively, they could send a cruise member to come to collect you, but this will also cost you.”

Cruise guests will need excellent timekeeping to make sure they get back to the ship on time after a day exploring.

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Forgetting travel insurance

Yasmin said: “Unfortunately, accidents happen. Healthcare prices can vary extensively across countries, so taking the extra step to protect yourself could not only give you easier, faster access to treatment but also help you save significant money in the long run.”

British tourists should always purchase travel insurance as soon as they book a holiday in case anything goes.

Travel insurance should help guests in the event of an emergency but travellers should check all the terms and conditions before booking.

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