Cruise guest almost ‘came to blows’ over pork chop

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A cruise guest took to Reddit to share their nightmare experience with a difficult passenger. They said the issue occurred in one of the ship’s restaurants.

They said: “I once dined with a guy who wanted a rare pork chop. He sent five pork chops back to the kitchen because the pig wasn’t raw enough.

“Then he nearly came to blows with the head waiter, lecturing him about how rare trichinosis was.”

Trichinosis is a food-borne disease which is caused by a parasite which people can get by eating raw or uncooked meat.

Although the disease can be rare, eating raw pork isn’t considered safe and people could get food poisoning.

Another person had also had a negative experience with a cruise guest at one of their ship’s restaurants.

They said: “I ran into a woman a few times in the buffet who complained about everything. I could just feel the misery coming off her and she wanted everyone to know how displeased she was with everything that was offered to her.”

Although a buffet usually has lots of different options, for some passengers it’s just not enough.

Another guest said: “I saw a woman absolutely lose her marbles over ‘being ignored for over 20 minutes’.

“We were seated right before her and had not been in the restaurant for 15 minutes. She received her soup and felt it was ‘too cold’.

“She had the soup for no more than three minutes when she got up and started screaming, verging on crying.

“The crew tried their best to coddle her for the rest of the meal but every guest around her would ignore her.

“It was such a surreal experience. I ordered the soup too and we got it around the same time so unless they have a pot they us to torture solo dinners, it was fine.”

Some cruise lines offer speciality dining options as an optional extra for guests who want a special experience.

Guests may have to wait to be seated if the restaurant is particularly busy and they’re dining at peak time.

If guests want to avoid the queues, they could make a reservation for the restaurant at guest services.

One guest said: “I saw a guy who loaded an entire plate of food from the buffet and dumped it because he put the wrong dressing on his salad.”

Although people can take as much food as they want at the buffet, they should also be careful of wasting food.

If people want to try a range of dishes, it’s a good idea to take a small sample of each before loading up their plate.

On a cruise, passengers can return to the buffet as many times as they like and can grab more if they want it.

Cruise crew and chefs will also be able to advise guests if they are having trouble choosing a meal.

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