Cruise expert exposes the ‘unspoken’ dress code rule

While cruise holidays are usually stress-free, new guests are at risk of making mistakes that could ruin their trip.

Guests might be surprised to learn they’ll need to set their watch to “ship time” if they’re crossing time zones.

Due to the different time zones, cruise ships usually operate under their own timings to make sure everyone is on the same system.

Yasmin Pekel, a cruise expert and owner of Blue Cruise, shared some of the most commonly made mistakes with

Although not every cruise line has a dress code for passengers, Yasmin said this is one of the areas where guests often slip up.

Poor etiquette

Yasmin said: “Cruise lines often have unspoken rules and expectations of guests. Examples include following the dress code of events, especially black tie affairs, and failing to tip the standard 15 to 20 percent to staff.

“There are also etiquette rules to consider during on-shore excursions, you don’t want to upset any locals.”

Guests can usually find the ship’s dress code on the cruise line’s website or they could ask the crew what’s appropriate to wear for a formal night.

When it comes to offshore etiquette, guests should make sure they are acquainted with the local laws and customs in their destination.

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Overdoing it

Yasmin warned: “Going on holiday is exciting but don’t do too much. If you overexert yourself and push your body too hard in the first few days, you could ruin the rest of your trip.

“Instead, pace yourself, it will allow you to make the most throughout all of the duration, and make getting eight hours of sleep each night a priority.” Cruise ships are often packed with activities but guests should try to pace themselves so they don’t become exhausted.

It’s also a good idea not to plan too many excursions for days onshore as guests could end up rushing around.

Minimal research

Cruise lines cater to all kinds of audiences and guests will need to do their own research to make sure they pick the right company for them.

Yasmin said: “One of the best ways to have the perfect cruise is to research your cruise line, the perfect cabin for your needs and the destinations you’ll visit.

“If you don’t prepare, you could bring the wrong items, such as inappropriate clothing, or even struggle to find food that meets your dietary requirements.”

Cabin choice can be key to a successful cruise and guests should research whether a balcony or interior cabin will best meet their specific needs.

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