Cruise guest shares ‘best’ method to work out if a drinks package is worth it

Cruise drinks packages vary in price depending on the cruise line and specific bundle.

According to cruise expert Jenni Fielding, best known as Cruise Mummy, packages often cost between £25 and £106 per day.

Purchasing one entitles guests to all-inclusive alcoholic drinks for the duration of their stay, and can often work out cheaper for keen drinkers.

But it’s not always the most cost-effective option for guests who want a hassle-free holiday. 

A cruise guest has urged fellow passengers to weigh up their options before committing to an onboard drinks package.

Asking for advice in the Cruise Critic forum, a user who goes by the name delpotro asked whether the Silver Spirit package by Viking Cruises was worth the money.

They said: “We do like a pre-dinner cocktail and after-dinner drink. Our only two previous cruises have been with Celebrity and we have taken the drinks package which we found to be of value, but with Viking including some drinks am in a bit of a quandary!”

Responding to the holidaymaker, another experienced cruisegoer shared their handy hack to quickly work out if a package is good value for money.


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The forum user named sparks1093 wrote: “The best way to figure it is to find out how much they charge per drink (approximately, anyway) and multiply that by the number of drinks you expect to drink each day. Then multiply that by the number of days on the cruise.

“If the result is less than the cost of the drink package it would be less expensive to pay as you go, if the result is equal to or greater than the cost of the package then you should at least break even.

“You could also add in any other things the package covers, like speciality coffees, soda and water.”

According to the Cruise Mummy expert, some travel lines charge pub prices, but others charge more than double that.

For this reason, it is important to research specific offerings before travelling to ensure guests get the most for their money.

She added: “You’ll drink more on sea days than days spent ashore, so factor this in.”

And when it comes to booking, Jenna recommended keeping a close eye on prices.

This is because some cruise lines have fixed costs, but for others, it varies by sailing and can go up and down before the departure date.

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