Cruise dress code warning – it ‘won’t be allowed’

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Cruise dress codes vary from line to line. While some ships will have a lot of formal nights, there are some lines where passengers will never have to dress up.

P&O Cruises has shared dress code advice for passengers on its website to help passengers decide what to pack.

The majority of nights will require passengers to follow an evening casual dress code which is very flexible.

The line said: “Be as creative as you like! After a busy day exploring ashore (or lazing by the pool), there’s so much to look forward to on board.

“For evening casual nights, dress as you would for dinner in a nice restaurant. But no tracksuits (unless you’re in the gym).”

P&O Cruises advises passengers to wear smart-casual trousers and tops, shirts and skirts or darker denim.

On the line’s Caribbean cruises, passengers can wear tailored shorts in the buffet area and at open deck bars.

The line also has formal nights which give passengers the chance to get a little dressed up on their holiday.

P&O Cruises said: “Elegance is the order of the evening…a chance to wow everyone with a favourite cocktail dress, tuxedo, ball gown, DJ, or a suit, jacket and tie.

“You may also wear formal national dress or military uniform. Again, whatever style preferences, simply join in the mood and chic of the evening.”

While the dress code is quite flexible, passengers are asked to avoid tracksuits, football shirts and trainers.

P&O Cruises is also known for its fun themed nights, whether that’s 80s pop, 70s disco or a seasonal event.

The line warned: “The last thing we want to do is dampen your fun, but we do have a few exemptions.

“We celebrate freedom of expression, but will not allow any clothing that features inappropriate or offensive language.

“Novelty clothing with printed images or slogans will not be allowed on board. We also reserve the right to deny embarkation to guests who are inappropriately dressed.”

However, that policy doesn’t apply to any children under the age of 17 on themed nights.

Children are allowed to dress casually at all times but shouldn’t wear denim on a black tie night.

Passengers must also be careful not to wear camouflage clothing at some ports, including Barbados and St Kitts.

Some countries have laws against civilians wearing camouflage as they could be confused with police.

During the day, passengers can wear whatever they like although they must wear shoes away from the pool.

Guests should also only wear swimwear around the pool and should cover up in other areas of the ship.

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