Two travel advisors win CLIA awards: Travel Weekly

CLIA has honored two travel agents, giving Danny Genung its Travel Agency Innovator Award and naming Chris Grum its Elite Cruise Counsellor of the Year.

The innovator award is given each year to a CLIA member “that has demonstrated innovative and visionary leadership in approach to promoting cruise travel, growing their cruise travel sales and supporting their affiliated travel advisors.”

Danny Genung

Genung is the president and CEO of Harr Travel in Redlands, Calif. He has dramatically grown Harr Travel’s YouTube account, which today boasts nearly 80,000 subscribers. He has populated it with ship tours, room tours and more from the more than 150 cruises he has personally taken. 

In the past 18 months alone, CLIA said, Genung’s agency has filmed more than 50 ships and resorts, with nearly 500 room and suite tours. 

Chris Grum

Grum spent 25 years as a radio personality, spending the last decade of that career as part of one of radio’s longest-running morning shows. He always made time for travel, and gave family and friends travel advice. 

As his radio career wrapped up, he decided that operating a travel agency was his next move. Premier Custom Travel, in Houston suburb Iowa Colony, was born.

Today, Grum is a CLIA-certified Elite Cruise Counsellor, Luxury Cruise Specialist and Travel Agency Executive, among other accreditations. He sits on several boards with the association. His upcoming book, “The Travel Advisor’s Handbook,” is scheduled to be published in spring 2023.

CLIA’s Elite Cruise Counsellor of the Year is given to a CLIA member who has achieved either Elite Cruise Counsellor or Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar status, “the pinnacle of CLIA certification.” The member must also meet sales requirements.

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