This Hotel Will Provide Guests a 'Social Media Sitter'

With the rise of phone technology and social media, we often miss out on our vacations, instead focusing too much time on taking the perfect photo or selfie and then posting it on Instagram for all to see.

The Switzerland-based Ibis hotel chain has come up with a creative way to help travelers let go of their social media and enjoy their vacation with what they call a “social media sitter.”

So what does a social media sitter do?

They post photos on Instagram for travelers, freeing them to relax, have fun, or whatever else they might otherwise be missing out on during their vacation.

To snag one of these social media sitters, Ibis has created a website called RelaxWePost, which allows travelers to book and hire their own personal social media sitter when staying in one of their properties in Zurich or Geneva.

Social media sitters cost about $90 per day but could be more expensive depending on their expertise in fields like travel, lifestyle, fashion, and architecture or the traveler’s specifications.

The only way your followers might know it’s not you posting photos is with the hashtag #Postedbysocialmediasitter, which has to be included in all of the posts uploaded by the social media sitter.

You’ll have to book your social media sitter before November 30th to take advantage of this special offer.

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