Cabin crew say they ‘hate’ it when passengers order Diet Coke on flights

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When flying on a plane most of us try to be polite and helpful towards cabin crew.

But, it turns out there’s one seemingly innocent mistake many of us are making that winds the flight attendants up.

And, that’s ordering a specific drink in economy when the crew is serving beverages.

A TikToker and flight attendant recently shared a video where she explained why flight crews hate it when customers order a Diet Coke from the trolley.

Ariel Cisneros, who works for a travel company in the United States, shared the clip to explain why flight attendants hated serving the fizzy pop.

The crew member demonstrated the issue by pouring a regular Coca-Cola over ice and then a Diet Coke over ice in a different cup.

The fizzy head on the Diet Coke took a lot longer to go down than it did for the regular pop.

This means that on a flight, where time is crucial, Diet Cokes cause a much longer stop for the flight attendants serving your drink.

And, in the meantime other passengers might get grumpy waiting for their refreshments.

Ariel captioned the clip, which has hundreds of thousands of views: “This is why flight attendants hate serving Diet Cokes a plane… it takes too long to pour.”

In the comments, fellow flight attendants and customers chimed in.

One person said: “I don’t miss pouring Diet Coke."

While a passenger noted: “I literally always get Diet, oops."

And, a third said: “Try pouring it slower over the ice. I get you're in a hurry but if it's slow enough you don't need the second or third pour.”

Other customers offered the flight attendant an easy solution.

“So give me the can,” one laughed.

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While another added: “Give the can and a cup with ice to the pax and they can pour it themselves.”

And, a jokester wrote: “That’s nice. I’ll take a Diet Coke.”

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