Return a Stolen Item to This Historic New Orleans Hotel and Win a Free 7-Night Stay

Most of us are guilty of having stolen something from a hotel, whether it was a hair dryer or a fancy glass from the lobby bar.

However, instead of punishing sticky-fingered guests, one historic hotel in New Orleans will reward one of them with a free seven-night hotel package valued at $15,000.

Now through July 1, The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel is accepting “any item from any time period in the building’s hotel history” as part of its Historic Giveback Contest.

“The person that offers up the most outrageous stolen item from our hotel—between now and July 1, 2019—will receive seven free nights in our Presidential Suite, along with free private dinners cooked by the executive chef, and spa experiences,” said the hotel’s General Manager Tod Chambers via Conde Nast Traveler.

Contest participants can return the items to the hotel’s concierge desk or mail them in with no questions asked. The hotel will even return items guests request to have back once the contest ends this summer.

“We will accept any item from any time period in the building’s hotel history for our Historic Giveback Contest. We want to celebrate her entire past. And, we plan to display the items people send to us in window cases in the lobby,” added Chambers. “We will return items to their owners after a big ceremony in July if they wish.”

So far, Chambers said The Roosevelt New Orleans has received plates that were stolen from the dining room, old stemware and even a full tablecloth along with faded menus, bud vases and giant brass room keys.

In honor of our 125th Anniversary, The Roosevelt New Orleans is inviting guests new and old to send back memories from over the years. Each guest who sends in an item will be entered for the chance to win a 7-day stay in The Roosevelt’s Presidential Suite.

“In a way, knowing they have something that reminds them of our Roosevelt in their own homes? Well, that leaves us flattered,” said Chambers. “This is letting us recapture a little history and have some fun doing it. We are getting a few items every week, and we expect that to rise as we roll toward July.”

Dating as far back as 1893, The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel has undergone dramatic renovations since being purchased in 2007 and currently features over 500 rooms, 100-plus of which are suites.

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