McDonald’s Arizona has a pale blue M, not golden arches

The famous McDonald’s logo in this remote region of the US has become a popular tourist hotspot, given it is home to the only blue arches in the world.

Sedona, Arizona, decided to make the traditional ‘golden’ arches a shade of blue, simply because of the restaurant’s location.

The blue arches are in Sedona, Arizona.Source:Supplied

The Blue Arches is a popular tourist spot.Source:Instagram

Opening in 1993, the restaurant decided to make the arches a unique pale blue M, which sits in front and on top of the brown, rugged-looking building.

Almost three decades old, local councillors and planners of the restaurant feared the globally recognisable golden M would take away from the aesthetic of the local area, which is surrounded by desert landscape, prompting the village to opt for the big blue M instead.

It’s the only Blue Arch McDonald’s in the world.Source:Instagram

McDonald’s restaurant in Arizona has blue arches rather than gold.Source:News Limited

But in recent times, the blue M has become a tourist hotspot with travellers across the country venturing to the rural township to get a glimpse – and a selfie – of the blue arches.

One TikTok user, Andrea Martinez, went to visit the famous arches recently and documented the journey on the social media platform.

Ms Martinez, whose video of the restaurant has received more than 1.6 million views, and almost 80,000 likes.

The blue arches, however, are not the only non-Golden in the world. In Paris, one McDonald’s on the Champs-Elysees, in Paris, France has white arches, while another restaurant in Monterey, California, has black arches.

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