Cruise guests share why you should ‘definitely’ bring clothes pegs in your luggage

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Cruise holidays are becoming popular once again since the end of Covid travel restrictions, and many people may be considering their first holiday at sea. If you are planning your first time on a cruise ship, some seasoned travellers have shared some items you should “definitely” bring.

While you may not think to pack them on a typical holiday, regular cruisers recommend always taking plastic or wooden clothes pegs on a trip.

Posting to a Reddit forum some holidaymakers shared their “best tips”.

Posting under the username Missus_Aitch_99, a user said: “Definitely bring some clips to attach your clothes to the chairs on the balcony. The plastic clothespins are good.”

A second shed more light on the hack revealing it is mostly to do with rogue gusts of wind out at sea.

A user named Kungpaonachos: “For drying swimsuits, bring some plastic kitchen clips (like the ones they always have hanging in the grocery store snack aisle for holding bags of chips closed) and clip your swimsuit to the chair.

“If the clips have magnets on the back, you can also use them to stick stuff to your cabin walls.

“At least one of your cabin walls will be metal and will hold a magnet very nicely.”

As well as things you should pack for a cruise, there are some items which passengers can not take onboard in their luggage.

Many cruise lines do not let passengers bring their own alcohol onboard, and if they do there are limitations on the type and amount.

Though some people try to sneak more than their allotted alcohol amount onboard, it’s not without its risks.

Experts from Cruise Critic said: “As stealthy as these folks might be, cruise lines are wise to alcohol-packing hacks.

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“They know all the common hiding places, as well as which containers are most suspicious.”

One frequent cruiser posting to Reddit under the named HalfManHalfCyborg said attempts to sneak booze onboard are “very poor and foolish”.

They continued: “The cruise lines know all the tricks. They know what to look out for, will catch you, and confiscate it.

“If you’re lucky, they will let you back on the ship.

“If you try s*** like this on boarding day then they will just cancel your vacation without refund.” [SIC]

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