Cruise guest shares the ‘ideal location’ for a cabin

Mega cruise ships usually have a huge range of cabins for guests to choose from. But while passengers can opt for an interior or balcony room, they can also pick their cabin’s location.

Some cruise lines will charge passengers extra to choose their cabin so it’s worth considering whether a prime location is worth the extra cost.

But where is the ideal spot for a cabin on a mega cruise ship?

A cruise guest said on Reddit: “The most ideal location is a deck between two other sleeping decks. So you don’t have the pedestrian areas above or below you.

“This cancels out a bunch of noise and also ensures that the only people walking past your room are also people sleeping on your deck.”

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Huge cruise ships often have more than 15 decks and passengers could be below the ship’s nightclub or under the swimming pool.

This could be a noisy spot for light sleepers as passengers may be able to hear people talking or staff cleaning in the early hours.

The guest added: “Being near the lift isn’t ideal, but whether you hear the actual lift depends on the person and the ship.”

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‌While noise from the lift could be a negative for some, other passengers like to be close to the elevator so they don’t have to walk as far.

The passenger added: “Being in the exact middle of the ship can be beneficial, since you can easily walk to all the destinations on the ship.

“But I was on the very back of the ship last time and really enjoyed just walking up two flights of stairs straight into the buffet.”

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Guests can usually check out a ship’s deck plan online if they need help choosing the ideal room location.

While some passengers want to be as close to the buffet as possible, other guests can’t stand the ship’s buffet restaurant.

One passenger recently took to Reddit to moan about the amount of food wastage at a cruise ship buffet.

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