Disney World will enable guests to make pre-trip park attraction reservations

ORLANDO — Disney World is bringing back the ability for guests to make attraction reservations before their trip.

Walt Disney World Resort president Jeff Vahle shared that news with a group of 400 travel agency owners during the 2023 Disney Destinations EarMarked Program Owners Summit on Tuesday. It was met with applause.

Vahle participated in a Q&A session with Disney Destinations Sales Solutions senior vice president Javier Moreno, who posed questions submitted digitally by agency owners. One asked about how Disney’s skip-the-line products would evolve.

Genie Plus enables guests to purchase access to the fast lane for a number of attractions each day, with reservations made on a rolling basis throughout the day. Lightning Lanes is an additional paid option to access the fast lane for the parks’ most popular attractions, often beginning at 7 a.m. the day of entry. Prices depend on factors like crowd levels.

Vahle said Disney World “is such a big property,” and with that comes “complexity of the product.” But Disney, he said, is looking to make it simpler. In addition to working on Disney’s consumer-facing apps to make them more user-friendly, pre-trip reservations are coming to Genie Plus, he said to applause from agency owners.

Vahle noted that pre-planning attraction visits can help “take the stress out of the day.” 

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Previous guest feedback had indicated that visitors want to plan aspects of their trips in advance.

Genie Plus and Lightning Lanes debuted in October 2021. Their predecessor in Disney World was FastPass, which enabled guests to make a limited number of complimentary attraction reservations (usually three) in advance of their stay.

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