Collette Discusses Plans and Offerings for the Year Ahead

From sleeping in igloos to living like a local in Vietnam, Collette is embarking on 2019 with a variety of exciting and unique offerings for travelers.

Such immersive experiences are poised to be one of the biggest trends of the year. And as a tour company that takes guests to all seven continents and has offices throughout the world, Collette has its finger on the pulse of what travelers want.

Fresh off of celebrating its centennial anniversary last year, North America’s longest running tour operator went one-on-one with TravelPulse to not only discuss what’s next for the legendary company, but also what can be expected in the year ahead for the travel industry as a whole.

Collette President Jaclyn Leibl-Cote discussed everything from the company’s new Explorations line, (designed to immerse guests in cultures around the world) to what agents should know about selling the company’s tours in 2019.

TP: What are Some of the Popular Trends Emerging for Tours in 2019?

JLC: We know that our guests are looking for immersive experiences in destinations that are unique and different. While guests have always enjoyed culinary aspects, we are hearing more and more that they want these culinary experiences to be hands on.

For many guests, it’s the art of selecting their ingredients, with a chef who takes the guest to a cute little market in town and then prepares the meal together. Another trend we’re hearing a lot about is multi-generational, where families are traveling together to destinations that are on their bucket list.

TP: What Should Travel Agents Know About Selling Your Tours in 2019?

JLC: Collette offers more value than most tour operators through the number of inclusions, meals, and tickets for various events. Travel agents are often faced with the difficult task of explaining this value to their clients so it’s important to know that we offer such incredible value.

TP: How is Travel in General Changing This Year?

JLC: Guests are asking a lot more questions, which is a great thing! They want to know that they are getting strong value when it comes to purchasing tours and that their money is going the furthest. Also, many guests want to do something unique and different! Everyone wants the chance to post on social media about their new and unique experiences.

TP: What Tour Offerings from Collette are You Most Excited About this year?

JLC: We’re really excited about our new Explorations line, which immerses guests into culture through authentic flavor and unique accommodations.

TP: What are Some of the Most Unique Opportunities Colette Will Be Offering Travelers This Year?

JLC: Guests will have the chance to sleep in an igloo in Finland, taste their way through Italy and France, and even live like a local in Vietnam.

TP: Are There Any Special Promotions Colette Will be Running This Year That You’d Like to Share With Readers?

JLC: Collette will feature flash deals through the year, so stay tuned!

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