Agents Safely Traveled During COVID-19, Attended TASK Live Event

Tammy Levent held another TASK Live Event for travel agents in Tampa, Florida. The Event began on June 18 and ended on June 21. Agents who attended did so without fear, as they were sure to take the necessary and recommended precautions. These learning sessions teach agents how to be successful in their travel-related endeavors, and the fact that agents are still attending these events means they’re still traveling. TASK Live Events are the next step for agents who have already completed the TASK Kit.

TASK = Travel Agent Success Kit

TASK is an award-winning program that earned a prestigious Travvy travel award. This popular travel agent training program helps both new and established agents reach their goals by teaching them a variety of skills that have been proven to support their success. TASK Events tend to last 3 to 4 days and include educational seminars, informative guest speakers and lots of hands-on training.

Examples of what agents will learn? How to generate monster leads, how to brand for long-term recognition, how to make higher commissions, vendor relations, how to correctly use social media and how to keep clients coming back time and time again.

Brenda Otto from SunRay Travel explains why TASK is so important to her—“TASK LIVE is an in-depth training program developed by Tammy Levent to educate Travel Specialists on creating their own Agency. This educational program shows how Travel Specialists increase and keep their commissions, develop strategic partnerships with suppliers, learn marketing techniques, and the benefits of working independently.”

Safety First

Travel agents traveled from many different cities in the United States to attend Levent’s intense TASK travel agent training program. The goal of this particular program was to teach agents who are serious about building their business how to do so during the current pandemic. While some say COVID-19 is crippling the travel industry, this has not deterred all agents. Agents who are pushing through should be commended. Traveling during a pandemic requires extreme attention to the details that support one’s safety and health.

Rikki Bradley from My Heavenly Travels states, “Since I am a caretaker for someone who’s very high risk, I was nervous about traveling to Florida but was assured of safety measures put in place. Tammy indeed delivered on her promise and I can’t wait to put this education to great use! Thank you, Tammy!”

The Event

Upon checking in, agents immediately joined a cocktail reception. Everyone wore their masks, as well as made sure to keep the appropriate amount of distance. All agents were also given their own 6-foot table, allowing them plenty of space. These agents decided to take the risk to attend this TASK Event because they knew they were going to be safe. They also knew they were going to learn how to rebuild their agencies in order to be more competitive, which is especially crucial right now as there are travel agencies who are going out of business. Attending agents wanted to learn how to go above and beyond what’s expected of them, and that’s exactly what TASK teaches them.

Sanya Weston attended the Event, stating, “These are tough times and tough decisions have to be made. The decision to learn and collaborate with other agents representing several states during TASK was an opportunity for us all to motivate each other as we prepare to assist our clients. We will all travel again and this was a step in the right direction.”

Agents stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, and all conferences were held in one place. This means agents didn’t have to worry about anyone outside of the group coming into the workspace. The hotel was extremely accommodating, serving food in a way that limited the amount of contact with others. The 25 agents who made up this TASK group were the only group at the hotel, and meetings were held in a room that supports over 100 attendees. Every agent easily had 6 feet of space between them, and masks, sanitary wipes and more were all available to use as needed.

Nicole Wilburn from Alpha to Omega Travels had no complaints. “TASK Live was definitely mind-blowing! The knowledge shared during the conference will elevate my business to the next level. Thankful to Tammy and Katie Levent for the networking, and partnerships. Shout out to Hilton Garden Inn and Delta for doing an amazing job keeping everyone safe.”

Sponsors included TIMA, GoGo Worldwide Vacations, Senses5Star and Travefy. Many sponsors joined a Zoom meeting, in which everyone was able to engage with each other. TIMA traveled to Tampa all the way from Colorado to speak to the group live and shared their insights on one of their specialties—social media marketing.

Kulin Strimbu, CEO of TIMA shared her thoughts. “I know how important it is to help travel agents better manage and market their business when times are normal. Given today’s events, it’s even more important to be a resource to agents and TASK Live was a great way to get that time in. The time we spent together was safe, intentional, and focused on building business, and that is why I believed it was a good idea to attend.”

All agents who attended this most recent TASK Event are so committed and passionate about the travel industry, that they gave their all for 4 days to learn what they could do to support their success.

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