10 U.S. Destinations That Are About to See a Spring/Summer Travel Boom, According to Airbnb

Lake Powell, Arizona water and rock formations

The birds are chirping, warm breezes are starting to flow, and the sun is shining a little longer, which all adds up to one thing: summer vacation is almost here. And, if Airbnb's rental information proves anything, it's that we're all ready for a little outdoor adventure.

"As US citizens look to turn their pent-up travel dreams into reality, combined with President Biden's plan to get the nation back outside by July 4, guests are increasingly looking for ways to safely reunite and meaningfully connect with loved ones on Airbnb," the company explained in a blog post. "When it comes to locations, warm-weather locales, small beach towns, and access to state and national parks are fueling spring and summer wanderlust."

According to Airbnb, based on its search data, it's seeing U.S.-based travelers gravitating toward these domestic destinations for upcoming spring and summer travels.

Southern Maine

It's no real surprise that travelers are craving a New England summer getaway in Southern Maine. With charming towns dotting the coastlines, and farmland for miles around, Southern Maine is an easily accessible destination for anyone living in the Northeast corridor. As for where to book, Airbnb suggests this beach home that can fit up to 16 guests for a family reunion. (Starting at $600/night)

Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is a classic gem of a vacation destination located at the southern tip of the Jersey Shore. Head there for a bike ride down the boardwalk or to view all the victorian houses before soaking up the sun on the beach. While there, book this lovely beach home that can fit up to six guests. (Starting at $296/night)

Round Top, Texas

Round Top, home to fewer than 100 full-time residents, may just be a tiny blip on the radar, but it also happens to be a major player in the antiques game. Located just 90 minutes from Austin, it makes for the perfect long weekend getaway. Book a stay at The Nest, a treehouse home unlike any other, to make this stay even more unique. (Starting at $425/night)

Lake Powell, Arizona

Houseboat on Lake Powell in Arizona

Lake Powell, an already popular travel destination, is ready for visitors to come and take a dip in the man-made reservoir along the Colorado River once again. Located in both Utah and Arizona, finding a lakeside spot all your own is easy, but if you need inspiration, Airbnb says this boho-chic lake house for six will do the trick. (Starting at $146/night)

Cape San Blas, Florida

Looking for warm weather, pristine waters, and plenty of space to social distance? Cape San Blas along Florida's panhandle is for you. The region is often called one of the best beach areas in the nation, so it's worth finding a spot along the water for a family getaway. Try booking a stay at this idyllic bayside bungalow for your entire crew. (Starting at $134/night)

Orderville, Utah

It seems as though people are ready and willing to flee the big cities and head for greener pastures. That's why towns like Orderville, home to just 500 full-time residents, is trending on platforms like Airbnb. There, you can find lots of fresh air by booking a stay at The Escape Tiny Home fit for five guests. (Starting at $285/night)

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

yellow and red lights inside cave

Getting out and exploring national parks is all the rage. One of the coolest has to be Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. There, guests can explore both above and below the earth's surface with long hikes and cave tours. While there, book a stay at this hygge-filled cabin for six guests. (Starting at $239/night)

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina has long been a favored summertime destination thanks to its sandy stretches of beach, hiking trails, and rich history with the Wright Brothers. Spend some time there, visiting it all with a stay at this waterfront cabin for four. (Starting a $199/night)

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

As far as summertime fun goes few places have Lake of the Ozarks beat. The lake is a popular spot for warm-weather revelers, including swimmers, boaters, and paddle boarders. Head there for an active stay or just sit by the shoreline and soak it all in at this lake house for eight guests. (Starting at $102/night)

Whitefish, Montana

woman rock climbing in Whitefish, Montana

Whitefish, located in the Rocky Mountains, is a gateway community to Glacier National Park. And sure, you may be heading there for the park, but, make sure to spend a little time exploring town, biking the nearby trails, or skiing when the snow is good. Book a stay at this classic A-frame bungalow to access all this and more. (Starting at $300/night)

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