You can go on a ghost-hunting boat tour in the UK with a paranormal expert

Halloween is almost here and we’re getting stuck into the spooky celebrations.

Brits up and down the nation have been carving pumpkins, heading to haunted houses and stocking up on sweets.

Many have even taken the family to one of the many spine-tingling theme park events on offer this October.

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With a week left to go until October 31 we’re still looking for all the most ghoulish and ghastly days out to enjoy.

Paranormal fans will be hooked when they read about GoBoat’s latest haunting adventure.

The self-drive boat company, which lets Brits rent out a boat the sail down the rivers and canals of London, has teamed up with a paranormal expert.

This means that guests can choose to rent a boat and locate the most haunted parts of the Thames – and they might even come across a ghost on Halloween.

If you choose to join paranormal experience Dr Ciaran O’Keef – a parapsychologist and ghost hunter – will talk you through the eerie history of the places you visit.

London’s waters are riddled with dark history thanks to over 1000 years of inhabitants.

You can grab a haunted GoBoat for eight people – nine including the Doctor – from a number of spots including London Paddington, Kingston and Canary Wharf.

If you head on a trip from Paddington you’ll stop at Little Venice where the ghost of the famous 18th Century actress, Sarah Siddons is thought to roam.

There have been reports of her ghost, wearing a blue dress and hat, simply standing rigidly still and mannequin-like on the riverside.

You might also see the spirit on an engineer who worked on the London Zoo’s aquarium when you pass by the venue.

Anyone sailing from Kingston will pass by Hampton Court Palace.

This Royal Palace was home to many British monarchs for over 500 years, and it is now a popular historical attraction, frequently referred to as ‘one of the most haunted places in England’.

Visitors have reported visions of a “woman in white” rumoured to be Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII’s fifth wife, as well as a strong sense of presence, a feeling of dizziness and sudden changes in temperature.

Meanwhile those who set off from Canary Wharf will visit the area’s tube station.

On 28th December 2007, a black and white figure appeared in a colour photo taken at the station.

The figure, that of a young man, was not spotted when the photo was taken, even though he was captured looking directly at the camera…

You’ll discover plenty of haunted places and hear all about them from the paranormal expert in your boat.

Dr Ciaran O’Keefe, Parapsychologist said: "London is a city with no shortage of history and with it no shortage of hauntings… wherever people have lived and died, you will find their spirits.

"Wherever there has been a tragedy, the ghostly reminders haunt us.

"As locations go, for the ghost hunter and myself as a Parapsychologist, The River Thames delivers hauntings. You only need to sail down it to see the spooky side."

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He continued: "I was fortunate to be part of a team who conducted scientific investigations into the haunted areas of Hampton Court Palace back in 2000. I “lived” there for 2 weeks and soaked up its amazing atmosphere and its haunted legacy.

"It's not surprising John Burns said the River Thames was “‘liquid history’. And as part of the spooky spots that GoBoat has located on its routes this Halloween, I expect to hear ghostly accounts with wonderful descriptions of individuals from various historical periods.

"It is one of the world’s busiest waterways, so I encourage people everywhere to jump onboard, take a peek into its haunted history and experience the vast array of haunted locations."


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