Kaley Cuoco says everyone should tip flight attendants sparking debate

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has sparked a debate this week after saying that people should tip their flight attendants.

The American actress played an air hostess in the popular HBO show The Flight Attendant.

It seems her stint pretending to work for an airline has made her appreciate the cabin crew who bring us food and drinks and keep up safe at 35,000ft.

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But, some people are angry at her statement that they deserve to be tipped – as many other professions do not receive extra money for doing their jobs.

Kaley told a TMZ reporter at Los Angeles Airport that she showed her flight attendants some love during her journey, and said that "they should get tips".

When then asked if she thought everyone should tip cabin crew, she replied: "Yes. Tip your flight attendant."

Unfortunately for the star, her comments have sparked a debate on Twitter, with some holidaymakers arguing that tipping cabin crew shouldn't be part of the flight experience.

One disgruntled flier wrote: "Lol no the general public already pays enough for those flights. Airlines need to pay better."

Another added: "We pay big airlines tickets enough one trip with my young son was 5 thousands dollars so nope".

A third raged: “Well…. When I am an over paid actor like you Kayley, I will take that advice to heart."

However, there were some people who weren't against the idea.

One commenter wrote: "Not everyone can afford to do that buts it’s a nice idea."

Another simply argued that Kaley was "right".

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So, what's the etiquette when it comes to tipping cabin crew?

Flight attendants have often spoken up about whether or not passengers should offer tips or other gifts.

Jessica Lyons, an air hostess in the USA, claimed that you’ll really get on your cabin crew’s good side by giving them gifts or tips.

She told the Daily Star: “We get a lot of chocolates, Starbucks gift cards and some tips especially during the holidays.

“If you treat us well, and politely, you will have the best customer service and some free drinks."

However, Kajal Manhas, 26, from India, told the Daily Star that there’s no need to give cash to the crew – and they may not even be able to accept it.

Kajal, who shares insight into her life as a flight attendant on Instagram, @soul__trails, said: “That’s our job and we get paid for that – we are not allowed to take tips.

"Treating us right, yes, and understanding and respecting us is what we would love rather than tips."


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