Woman wears four pairs of trousers on Ryanair flight to avoid paying for luggage

Going on holiday can get very pricey very quickly – especially when you have to pay for add ons like luggage.

But one savvy holidaymaker devised a hack that let her take on as much clothing as she wanted without having to fork out for extra bags.

No she didn’t use any vouchers or even stuff her belongings into a pillow case like this other globe trotter.

Joumana Belghiti wanted to get around Ryanair’s luggage restrictions, which say you can only allowed to take one small bag on for free.

Knowing this, she decided not to fill her carry-on with clothes.

Instead, she got to work layering the garments up on top of each other – and cabin crew were none the wiser.

In a TikTok clip that has now racked up 366,000 views, the air mile seeker filmed herself as she stood in a bathroom with her jeans button undone.

But on closer inspection it appeared that Joumana had more than her lingerie under her trousers.

Hilariously, she managed to fit four different pairs of trousers on her legs so she did not have to pack them.

She wrote: “When Ryanair think the finessed me with their luggage restrictions but I’m heading to the airport in four pants.”

Left in stitches at Joumana’s money saving hack, many people fled to the comments to praise her.

One person commented: “You just put the pants on before boarding and take them off in the plane bathroom.”

Another user added: “It would feel like a defeat paying extra like I get it.”

While a third person giggled: “I’m doing the same this summer, I’m going to the UK for one whole month and I’m not paying 70 extra euros for luggage.”

Someone else voiced: “How are you breathing in those?”

And, a fifth person shared: “I’m doing it this summer.”

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