We worked as private jet crew and these are the wildest things we saw

Mile high hijinks! Private jet crew reveal the WILDEST things they’ve witnessed while serving wealthy VIP passengers – from HAMSTERS being treated to five-star service to very raunchy in-air encounters

  • Two private jet staff members have shared some insights anonymously
  • Both women, one a pilot and the other a hostess, have been flying for five years
  • They have flown numerous VIPs, with some well-behaved and others not so  

Private jet travel is reserved for celebrities and the super rich.

But two private jet staff members – speaking anonymously – have shared some insights around what goes on behind the scenes with DailyMail.com.

Both women, one a pilot and the other a stewardess, say that their jobs are very rewarding but after five years flying high-flying customers around the world, they have seen varying degrees of behavior: both good and bad. 

Glide down to learn what goes on above the clouds when it comes to high rollers. 

Two private jet staff members – speaking anonymously – have shared some insights around what goes on behind the scenes with DailyMail.com

Oddest requests? ‘One time I was asked to stop piloting and dance’ 

While she was flying passengers, the private jet pilot said she was once asked to ‘make the plane oscillate up and down so the bouncing movement would help with their dancing.’

Sticking to the hip-shaking theme, she added: ‘Another time one of the air stewardesses came into the cockpit and asked if one of us, the pilots, could go back to the cabin as the passengers had requested to dance with one us. 

‘Male passengers often get excited when they spy a female pilot.’

Another time, the pilot said she witnessed a flight attendant being demanded to seatbelt every passenger in, ‘including a small dog.’

The private jet stewardess says she’s had as equally bonkers requests during her time in the skies but one remains fresh in her mind. 

She reveals: ‘Probably one of the strangest demands from a client was not to look at them in the eye or talk to them. 

‘It was very odd. Basically anything they needed, they would tell their personal assistant and then that person would let me know.’ 

Who are your clients? ‘I once flew a criminal with three armed guards’

The pilot and stewardess say they have encountered all different kinds of people during their careers but the one thing private jet passengers have in common is wealth. 

The pilot says she has flown as many as 35 VIPs over the years, with these ranging from ‘CEOs to billionaires, to actors, producers, musicians and athletes.’

However, one time she had a passenger who was a little different. 

The aviator explained: ‘Looking back at one of my odder clients. 

‘I once flew to an airstrip to pick up a prisoner who was caught in Australia and had to be extradited to the US. He was escorted on to the plane with three armed marshals. It was a little unnerving.

Meanwhile, the stewardess says she has never encountered any criminals but she has flown more than 50 VIPs. ‘Not giving any names though!’

The pilot and stewardess say they have encountered all different kinds of people during their careers

Strangest encounters? ‘I caught a couple joining the mile high club’  

When it comes to the wildest thing she’s witnessed during a flight, the private jet stewardess says it has to be the time she ‘caught a couple attempting to join the mile high club.’

Recalling the embarrassing situation, she said: ‘I was sat down off the main cabin and the call light suddenly rang.

‘I assumed the clients needed a top up of champagne or something. However, when I opened the door I realized that it probably wasn’t their fingers that had hit the button as they were writhing around half naked. I quickly retreated!’ 

The pilot says luckily she hasn’t witnessed anyone having sex on her planes but there have been lots of parties in the skies. 

She revealed: ‘I have seen disco lights flashing at the passengers requests and very enthusiastic dancing. 

‘Some of our famous musician passengers have also sung songs to our flight attendants. It can get very wild! If guests are too intoxicated they are usually helped off the plane by their assistants. It does happen fairly often.’

What’s the average spend? ‘Some spend $1 MILLION A MONTH on simple trips’

Both women say the sky is the limit when it comes to customers splashing cash. 

The pilot says that the planes she flies generally cost from $6,000 to $12,000 an hour to charter.

This means a simple trip from London to New York could come in at $100,000 after the catering and additional fees have been added on.

She adds: ‘It takes just ten trips, and then before you know it you’ve blown $1 million jetting around.’

The air stewardess says she’s witnessed similar spend. 

She muses: ‘I’d say the costs for private jets range anywhere from $20,000 to $1 million. I’ve had a client spend $1 million in a month before. 

‘Things can really add up and the requests can be as lavish and as outrageous as you like. For instance, the client might order vintage champagne or a supercar to pick them up on the runway. No request is too much in the world of uber luxury!’ 

Another cost factored into client spend are tips. The stewardess says she often gets hefty tips and the best one she received was $2,000.

She explained: ‘What made it even better was that the client just asked me to leave him alone the entire time, so that’s what I did. Another time I got a bottle of champagne worth around $4,000 as a thank you.’ 

Both women say the sky is the limit when it comes to customers splashing cash

The best and worst passengers? ‘Musicians and wannabes are the rudest’ 

When quizzed about the best kind of private jet passengers, the pilot says she most likes ferrying around athletes and business executives. 

She explains: ‘They’re almost always on time, not very needy and have a good expectation that we’re there for safety of flight.’ 

Another of her top picks when it comes to passengers are animals, with some of her more unusual furry flyers including hamsters and cats. 

When it comes to the worse behaved customers, the pilot reveals: ‘I would say the worst are usually musicians and producers that for whatever reason seem to have an air of entitlement, a lack of punctuality and a condescending attitude towards the crew.’

While the air hostess says ‘egotistical musicians can also be a pain’, in her experience, ‘the worst are the ones who have never been on a private jet and are trying to impress their friends or social media followers… I feel like they can sometimes be obnoxious.’

However, she adds: ‘This statement doesn’t go for all though. I’ve had people who’ve never flown private and were the absolute best. It really depends.’

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