Best German cities for British expats named but housing prices ‘ridiculously high’

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British expats in Germany have a wide range of exciting cities to choose from. From the lively capital city, Berlin, to the beer-lovers’ paradise of Munich, expats will be spoilt for choice.

The InterNations Expat Insider City Rankings asked expats in 57 cities around the world to rate their city based on important factors.

Expats ranked their home on affordability, security, friendliness, work/life balance and urban environment.

The highest scoring city in Germany was charming Aachen which was the only German city to make the top ten in the global rankings.

Located near the border with Belgium and the Netherlands, Aachen is a spa city with many hot springs.

Over 90 percent of expats in Aachen felt their disposable income was more than enough to cover their expenses.

Expats were also very happy with their job security in the German city with nearly 80 percent content with their working hours.

One expat said: “I like how much Germans value the balance between life and work.”

While Aachen did make the top ten best expat cities in the world, it didn’t score highly when it came to friendliness.

Over a quarter of expats were unhappy with their social life in the city while three in ten didn’t feel at home there.

The second highest scoring city in Germany was Frankfurt. More than three quarters of expats viewed their financial situation positively in Frankfurt.

The modern city suffered heavy damage during the Second World War and was almost completely rebuilt.

One expat said: “Frankfurt is very international and has a lot of job opportunities.”

While expats thought that Frankfurt offered great job security, many did find it hard to find housing in the city.

The third best city for British expats in Germany was beautiful Munich. The Bavarian city was named the best in the world for work.

Almost four in five expats were happy with their work/life balance while they also thought there were great career opportunities.

Nearly 100 percent of the expats thought Munich offered an excellent quality of life with great healthcare.

Expats also felt very safe there. One said: “I like the great balance between city and nature, between working and enjoying your life.”

However, the great quality of life comes at a price in Munich as many expats find housing unaffordable.

One expat said: “Apartment rental prices are ridiculously high for the quality you are getting.”

Berlin was ranked as the fourth best city for British expats in Germany. Over 30 percent of expats thought that local people were unfriendly towards foreign residents.

Rounding off the top five was Dusseldorf. Around 40 percent of expats were unhappy with their social life in the German city.

One said: “Everyone seems to be primarily focused on themselves. This is a stark contrast to my experience in Canada.”

Best cities for British expats in Germany (InterNations)

  1. Aachen
  2. Frankfurt
  3. Munich
  4. Berlin
  5. Dusseldorf

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