Essential flying tip for elderly travellers – ‘easy to forget in hustle and bustle’

Former flight attendant explains how to stow away baggage

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Many British tourists are eager to get away after two years of travel restrictions. But what do elderly travellers often forget on a plane?

Jonathan Owen, brand manager at loveitcoverit, shared some essential flying tips for elderly travellers.

He told “Wear soft, loose and breathable clothing. Whether it’s a short or long haul flight, soft clothing that isn’t tight or restrictive will help reduce skin irritation.

“Layering lighter items of clothing will mean you’ll be able to adjust to the various temperatures on a plane.”

Planes can often get very cold so it’s a good idea to wear plenty of layers to keep warm whatever the temperature.

Jonathan added: “Keep hydrate. High altitude and dry air mean that keeping your water intake up is key to avoid dehydration.

“It is something that is easy to forget in the hustle and bustle of airports.

“Just make sure to buy a bottle once you’re through security or when you’re on the flight so it doesn’t get confiscated.”

Some airlines will charge passengers for drinks so it’s a good idea to stock up before the flight.

A few of the UK’s major airports now have water fountains where passengers can fill their own bottles after security.

Although it can be tempting to remain seated during a flight, Jonathan said it’s a good idea to stretch.

He told “Getting up to stretch your legs is key to ensuring you stay comfortable on a flight.

“Simple stretches like flexing and relaxing your calf muscles and feet and rolling your ankles can all help keep circulation flowing.”

Any British tourists heading off on a long haul flight to destinations such as Dubai or Australia should make sure they stretch their legs.

Jonathan said: “The airport can be chaotic and what better way to escape the madness than with a comfortable seat, peace and quiet and free drinks and snacks prior to take off?

“Many airports have their own lounges, and the good news is you don’t necessarily need a first-class ticket to access them.

“Many airports have lounges that you can pay a one-off fee to use. Some credit cards even offer completely free access to these lounges.

“Check with your bank before you travel for the perfect start to your holiday.”

Paying to access an airport lounge could help make a flight far more comfortable for elderly travellers.

As airport food outlets can be expensive, accessing the lounge’s complimentary food can sometimes save money.

Jonathan also recommended that elderly travellers bring a blanket, earplugs and ear masks for a flight.

They can help keep passengers warm and shut out any irritating external noise during the journey.

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